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What are Window Installation and Repair Services?

Learn all the details about window installation, replacement, and repair. Be informed about the types of windows that may be installed, the problems that frequently come up related to windows, and the kind of repairs that are required. Also, learn about the cost that may be incurred in association with a window installation or repair project.

Why you may needWindow Installation and Repair Services?

Window - New Install

Types of windows which may be installed are

  • Fixed (non-opening windows) are cheaper to install than opening windows, are energy efficient with their airtight seal that helps with insulation while allowing natural light in and a view of the outdoors.
  • Bow windows are curved and have four or five sections curving out from the building. Like bay windows, they are designed to increase space, light, and view.
  • Garden window also projects out from the building, is often installed in the kitchen, and allows the display of plants inside it.
  • Double-hung windows where both halves open are a good idea if screens and ACs need to be installed, they also allow for more ventilation. Double-hung windows are, however, more susceptible to issues of air infiltration or leakage.
  • Casement windows provide ventilation and a view while also being energy efficient, easy to maintain, and taking up less space than windows that swing outwards. They are, however, expensive, have size limitations, and their hardware needs to be installed perfectly by professional and then be checked periodically to make sure of functionality.
  • Sliding glass windows are wider than hung or casement windows and provide a better view and ventilation. They are cheaper to buy and install than casement windows but require more maintenance.
  • Single-hung, where only the lower half opens are less expensive than double-hung and less prone to leakage and air or moisture infiltration because half of the window is fixed.
  • Bay windows are made up of three windows, a central picture window, and two surrounding widows that are generally smaller.
  • Storm windows are installed on top of already installed windows and serve as an additional layer of security against wind and provide insulation. They may be made of glass or plastic and have frames made of wood, aluminum, or vinyl.
  • French doors improve the aesthetic value of a room; however, they are not as energy efficient as sliding doors since they do not have a tight seal.

Windows are typically made of the following materials

  • Aluminum is strong but not as aesthetically appealing as wood. Also, it is not a good insulator.
  • Wood is durable, insulating, and has a high aesthetic value. However, wood frames are expensive, need maintenance, and proper sealing.
  • Vinyl is affordable, energy-efficient, and durable requires little maintenance. However, not customizable or as durable as wood or aluminum. Also, vinyl frames may have less aesthetic value.
  • Wood Clad combines the strength of the underlying material with the aesthetic and insulation value of wood.

Window- Repair

You may require a window repair because of the following reasons

  • Install new glass because of broken glass panes.
  • Water is leaking around glass because of inadequate or warn sealing.
  • Broken latch which is a security problem and also means your window will swing open with the wind.
  • Crank malfunction may require repair or replacement of crank for the casement window.
  • Need screens to protect against insects such as mosquitoes.
  • The window may be jammed because of buildup on hinges because the gasket is stuck, handle spindle is not turning the lock, or because the lock is broken.
  • Deteriorated wood may be caused by moisture damage.
  • Glass is loose because glass is not properly secured to the frame.
  • A damaged window seal may cause moisture between panes of glass or because the desiccant inside windows is saturated.
  • Block and tackle (pulleys) are the windows channel balance systems and may require repair or replacement if the rope is worn if the balance breaks of, if the ropes jumps pulley or if the pulley jams.
  • The window may stick because of ingrained dust and dirt, which will require cleaning and lubrication or because of moisture damage.
  • Hinges may require cleaning and lubrication for optimal function.
  • Water damage around frame indicates that window sealing has worn down, is damaged, or not correctly installed.

Egress Window- Install

It is required to have egress windows in basements and bedrooms in many areas as a safe means of exiting the building in an emergency. Installation of an egress window can range from $500 to $1000, with the installation of basement egress windows being higher because of drainage issues.

Glass Blocks-Install

Glass block windows allow the light in while maintaining privacy but cannot be opened and are difficult to break. They are therefore installed in areas that have alternative egress windows and exits.

Skylight- Install

Installing a skylight will provide ventilation and light. However, a skylight is expensive and will decrease the energy efficiency of a space. An incorrectly installed skylight may also cause the risk of roof and interior damage.

Skylight-Repair, Replace or Seal an Existing Skylight

A skylight may be sealed with clear silicone caulk to prevent leaking or moisture damage, as well as to keep down energy costs. A damaged skylight should be replaced since skylights only have a short life span since seals and flashing deteriorate over time.

Stained or Specialty Glass-Install or Replace

Stained glass is aesthetically appealing and can personalize a space. It will also allow light while maintaining privacy. However, ‘the quality of light stained glass allows is dimmed and requires skilled installation.

Stained or Specialty Glass- Repair

A stained-glass repair will mean cutting out the damaged area of the glass, cutting matching glass, and fitting it with the help of smooth, adhesive-backed copper tape. The copper tape is then coated with solder to secure the restored piece.

Storm Windows- Install or Replace

These are often installed in storm-prone areas, especially where the primary windows are single-paned. Storm windows decrease energy costs by improving insulation and provide security against the elements.

Budget Required for Window Installation and Repair Services

The average budget required for the window installation services is $2,945 to $8477. The average cost of an emergency glass repair is $166 to $375. While the average cost of house window repair is $158 to $512, with the cost of repairing the window frame being $184 to $603.


With the help of Window Installation and Repair Services, you can make stress free decisions about your repair project. You can also compare a variety of prices to prepare a budget for your window installation and repair project.

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