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What are Waterproofing Services?

Waterproofing is an essential service and is required for every home or business. As well as waterproofing doors and windows, waterproofing is also required for roofs and attics to keep a home safe from moisture damage. Waterproofing of the basement walls is the most vital step in maintaining the walls and foundations of your home free of water damage. Waterproofing services are provided by a variety of professionals waterproofing companies for basements. With the help of waterproofing services, you will learn all the details related to protecting your home from water

Why you need Waterproofing Services?

You may require waterproofing services if you have any of the following issues with water damage in your basement;

Mold, mildew or fungus

Molds, mildew, and funguses occur in areas that remain wet for long periods or in parts of your home that are suffering from excessive moisture or water damage. Molds, mildews, and funguses contribute to worsening respiratory tract illnesses such as asthma, colds, coughs, and flu as well as triggering symptoms of allergies in some people. Molds, mildew, and funguses may be visible in the basement as black streaks or green or white patches in the corners or on the walls. If left unchecked, molds will travel through the ducts and vents of the HAVAC system and spread around the house. This is especially true if the house has issues with drainage, damp or moisture retention. Even without an AC or heating system, molds will spread from the basement to other areas of the home due to the stack effect whereby air will rise from lower to higher elevations.

The average cost of professional mold removal from your basement ranges from $500 to $3000. A small amount of mold may be removed by washing the area with vinegar. Bleach will only kill the surface mold while allowing the mold in porous surfaces such as wood or drywall to thrive. That is why bleach is not considered as a mold removing agent.

Excessive dampness

Excessive dampness may be caused by minor leaks, lack of insulation, and some heating appliances that cause condensation. Activities such as bathing, cleaning, and cooking also cause condensation, which contributes to dampness. Dampness will exuberate symptoms of many illnesses, especially respiratory tract problems. Moreover, humidity results in damage to your home. Dampness can cause peeling paint, allow rot to set in and swell doors, windows, and cabinets of wood. Damp also encourages the growth of molds, mildews, and funguses.

Reducing damp involves reducing indoor moisture. This is achieved by well-insulated doors and windows, such as double or triple glazed glass panels. Windows should also be adequately sealed against moisture with professional window treatments. The indoor areas should be exposed to as much natural light as possible to reduce damp. Insulating cold water pipes will also reduce condensation on the pipes. Heating systems minimize moisture in the air due to dry heat, while air conditioning systems also help to control moisture in the air.

Caulking and weather-stripping also reduce humidity. It is recommended to keep your exhaust fans and ventilation system in good working order to keep humidity levels under control.

Discoloration, odor or rust

A musty smell may be caused by the growth of molds or funguses which thrive in damp and wet conditions. Rot, which is also caused by undue water damage, may also be signaled by the presence of an unpleasant odor. Discoloration of drywall may be due to the moisture, molds, or rot within the porous structure. Discoloration and peeling off paint also occur due to moisture damage. Rust is seen by orange peeling or flaking and also signals excessive humidity.

White powder or spots on walls

White residue or powder is a mineral deposit that indicates that moisture moved through the foundations or concrete onto the surface. While efflorescence or the white powdery residue on walls and floors shows that moisture moved out of the walls and evaporated, it would be best to direct a fan to the area or improve ventilation and reduce damp to encourage complete evaporation of any remaining moisture.

Hairline cracks

Hairline cracks in drywall are a common problem which result due to the presence of excessive moisture in the porous structure of the drywall. Poor drywall installation and weathering due to changes in temperature are common culprits for hairline cracks. While small cracks may be repaired and the causing factor removed to prevent further damage, larger cracks will require a removal and replacement of drywall.

Basement flooding

Hydrostatic pressure, coupled with insufficient waterproofing, could result in flooding in your basement. This problem is more likely to occur if your foundations sit on clay silt as such soils take longer to settle than others. Many steps will have to be taken to solve the problem of a flooding basement. It will involve waterproofing the walls as well as improving, repairing, and inspecting the drainage system to ensure that liquids are drained away from the foundations. Gutter extensions may have to be installed while the footing drains should be checked and repaired. Water should be pumped out before waterproofing internal walls, and the landscape may have to be reshaped.

Buckling or bowing walls

Buckling or bowing walls indicated severe damage to the internal structure of the walls. The damage may be caused due to moisture inside the structure seeping up from the soil or faulty drainage. The walls should be inspected by professionals as soon as possible. The damage may have extended to the foundations and could result in an emergency.

Mud or clay silt surfacing inside

Houses, where the foundations rest on clay silt, are often prone to water damage since the very fine particles of clay are more prone to absorb water than other types of soil. These waterlogged particles may end up being visible inside, especially if the foundations are resting directly on the soil without any waterproofing materials in the middle.

Corners shifting and cracking

Extensive water damage to the walls and foundations due to hydrostatic pressure, insufficient waterproofing, or a faulty drainage system will eventually result in visible problems such as corners of the basement shifting and cracking.

Floors dropping or other changes

Shaky foundations or long-term damage by moisture may result in paint peeling, molds forming, and rot spreading. It may also lead to hairline cracks that grow and buckling and bowing of walls. Long term damage will result in moisture seeping into the basement and damage to the foundations becoming so extensive that the floors start to drop or the walls are elevated or lowered. The building should be inspected by civil and soil engineers who will check its structural integrity to avoid any emergency situation from developing.

Budget required for Waterproofing Services

The average cost to get an inspection and waterproofing, according to Home Advisor members, is $3075 to $11170. The average price to get waterproofing for a deck is $551 to $1259.


With the help of waterproofing services, you will get all the information you need to make informed decisions about all the waterproofing projects in your home or business. Waterproofing services will also provide you with a variety of price quotations related to waterproofing.

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