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What are Water Softening and Purification Services?

Seventy percent of the human body is made up of water. Clean drinking water is a basic human need to maintain health for all humans. Humans can’t stay alive for more than a few days without water. However, the lack of clean water can lead to water-borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera, and diarrhea.

Moreover, hard water can lead to furring due to limescale deposits in your water pipes and water heater. It is also harder to wash clothes or dishes with hard water, and it can lead to dry skin conditions when used for bathing. That is why water softening and purification services are essential to you and your family.

Learn about the best whole house water filtration system installation. Also, learn about repairs associated with water softening and purification systems. You will also learn about the average costs of water softening and purification so that you can set up a budget for your project.

Why you need Water Softening and Purification Services?

Water Treatment and Purification System- Install or Replace

Water purifier (particle filters)

Physical filtration will remove large particles of dust, dirt, and sediments from water by passing the water through materials that pose a physical barrier. The materials used in physical filtration include ceramic, sand, gravel, cotton, charcoal, woodchips, or Styrofoam. Chemical filtration of water removes smaller harmful particles and toxins that are not taken out by physical filtration. It involves allowing the water to pass through an activated material such as carbon. This activated carbon is based on charcoal. Carbon works as a purifier by attracting particles to adhere to its surface.

Distilled water dispenser (bottled water delivery)

Distillation works by heating water until it turns into steam. The steam is caught, cooled, and condensed to a liquid state again while the contaminants which do not evaporate are left behind. Distillation removes harmful toxins such as bacteria and viruses as well as heavy particles in water. However, beneficial minerals are also sometimes removed by steam distillation.

Water softener

Ion exchange filters are often used to soften hard water. This is a process whereby ions such as sodium are released and exchanged with unwanted ions in the drinking water. Softening water gives it a more pleasant taste and helps to make water more suitable for household use. However, it increases sodium content water in water.

Filtered water dispenser (bottled water delivery)

Water is most often filtered with the help of activated carbon in a process used as chemical filtration. Physical filtration is also used along with chemical filtration to make sure that water is entirely free of harmful toxins and foreign materials.

Water Treatment and Purification System- Repair or Services

Change Filter

A water filter should be changed after it has filtered about 40 gallons of water. Changing a filter involves turning off the water, relieving pressure, unscrewing housing to remove the filter, and then cleaning the filter housing before replacing it with a new filter. The housing is screed back on before the filter is turned on again.

Need Water delivery for dispenser

A delivery service will deliver five, ten, or twenty-gallon bottles of filtered and purified drinking water to your home every day. Some delivery companies will provide a dispenser free of cost while others require a separate purchase or rent. These water bottles are refillable and hence are environmentally friendly. You may wish to opt for the delivery of water bottles for a dispenser if you do not want to install a home water filtration and purification system, and your tap water is problematic and not fit for drinking.

Add sodium to water softener

You have to add sodium to your water softener for it to function correctly. Not adding sodium on time will result in hard water flowing into your water system. Water softeners operate by replacing hard metals such as magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions. While this means that furring in the households’ pipes will be eliminated and water will be easier to use to wash dishes and clothes, it will also increase sodium in the water supply. Increased sodium is a health risk for some people with conditions such as elevated blood pressure. Water softening also means that ions such as calcium and magnesium are removed from the diet.

Water leaks from the filter

A leaking water filter can lead to loss of precious drinking water and damage to your water filter and surrounding areas in your home. A leaking water filter may be caused by debris caught in the O ring that reduces sealing properties. The O ring may also have got out of position. The leak may also be caused by debris lodged in the pressure release button or by insufficient sealing where the bottom of the filter housing meets the sump or top part of the housing.

To repair a leak water filter should first be turned off by turning the ball valve lever. The water filter is depressurized by turning on the water faucet until the water stops flowing. The water is then shut off, and the filter housing is unscrewed. The housing is cleaned and checked for signs of any damage, such as cracks. The O ring that seals the housing is also checked. If it is damaged, it will be replaced. The O ring is restored after being treated with a silicone-based lubricant. The housing is screwed back on.

Budget required for Water Softening and Purification Services

The average cost of installing a water treatment and purification system can range from $862 to $2773. While the cost of water treatment and purification system repair can range from $146 to $789.


Water may contain impurities such as dirt, bacteria, and chemicals. These impurities make the water smell and taste bad. Moreover, water with impurities can also carry disease-causing pathogens that are harmful to health. That is why water purification is essential to healthy human life.

With the help of water softening and purification services, you can make stress free decisions about your water softening and purification services. Not only that, but you can also establish a budget for your water purification and softening project.

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