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Homes are incomplete without appealing walls and captivating designs. This is why a single coat of paint cannot adorn the walls like your edgy home demands. With this being said, wallpapers and wall coverings have become promising choices and they have been used since the 18th century. The wallpapers are designed to cover the walls and make a decorative element for your rooms and rooms. During the renaissance period, the wallpaper rose in demand and popularity.

These wallpapers were being used by the elite classes for covering up the stone walls, adding vibrancy to the rooms, substituting the tapestries, and keeping away the heat. Earlier, the wallpapers and wall coverings had featured designs rather than patterns; these wall coverings were designed and manufactured in France and England, but soon, China joined the bandwagon as well. Likewise, in the 20th century, patterned wallpapers became the ultimate wall adornments.

In the modern-day, wallpapers are being used but the intensity or saturation is pretty lesser. However, this wall finishing option is still elegant and will offer a well-curated and defined appearance. Even more, modern wallpapers are being designed to protect the walls along with decorating them. So, if you've been trying to revamp your room, wallpapers and wall coverings must be considered since they offer a clean and defined appearance. So, let's check out the wallpaper guide!

Types Of Wallpaper

The wallpapers have a long history attached to them. Truth be told, wallpapers have been around for centuries and they have come a long way. That being said, there are various designs available, and we have optimized distinctive types of the wallpaper below, such as;


When it comes down to decorating the walls, non-woven wallpapers have become pretty popular. Some of the non-woven wallpapers are designed with a breathable design that prevents mold and mildew. The best thing about non-woven wallpaper is that they are washable and are designed with a "paste the wall" feature. As a result, these wallpapers are extremely easy to apply since the backing paper doesn't expand upon wetting.

Even more, the non-woven wallpapers reduce the decorating time by half since you just need to paste the wallpaper to the wall. Similarly, the wallpaper is extremely easy to remove and will come off in one form. The non-woven wallpapers are designed with natural and synthetic fibers that prevent tearing. These wallpapers are extremely great for people who want DIY decorating. As far as the suitability is concerned, it's suitable for whichever corner.


For people who need a wallpaper for their homes and high traffic areas, vinyl wallpapers are suitable. The kitchen and bathroom are usually high traffic areas and vinyl wallpapers will be perfect. The vinyl wallpapers are designed with the printed vinyl film on the top of the paper layer. The vinyl wallpapers are usually easy to clean and have resistance against water and vapors. For bathrooms, vinyl papers seamlessly replace the tiling; you can even mix and match the wallpapers for creating patterns.


The flock wallpapers are pretty old and they were invented to outline the velvet handing in the 17th century. It's evident that flock wallpapers were the picture of luxury and only elites used them. In the older times, flock wallpapers were extensively used in restaurants and pubs. The flock wallpapers are integrated with 3D designs that enhance the dimensions and interest to the rooms. Truth be told, flock wallpapers are irresistible. In addition, they are available in various colors, motifs, and patterns, and can absorb sounds.


For people who are during the middle of the youth phase, the anaglypta wallpapers have become pretty famous and they have been revived over the course of time. These wallpapers were first designed back in 1877 and became an essential part of the Victorian lifestyle. These wallpapers were initially designed with a washable design and offer durability without compromising on the decorative elements. As far as the name is concerned, it's derived from the Greek language.

Anaglypta wallpapers are famous as paintable wallpapers and there are various styles available, ranging from contemporary to vintage. In addition, there are textile-reinforced and textured vinyl options. There is extensive versatility in these wallpapers in terms of patterns, colors, and looks. These wallpapers are suitable for people who like to revamp and renovate often. Also, these wallpapers look great in hallways and will disguise the imperfections like a charm.


For people who are unable to digest loud colors and patterns, grasscloth is the common wall covering. This is because these wall coverings seamlessly add depth to the room and make an interesting decoration factor. However, these wall coverings can be pretty expensive. The grasscloth wall coverings are usually textured and are perfect for hiding the imperfections. All in all, they can stand up against the wear and tear, defining durability.

Pros Of Wallpaper

To begin with, it's a common notion that wallpapers can be expensive but some types are available with extreme affordability. The wallpapers are available in various finishes, designs, and patterns. We are absolutely in awe with the attachment options, such as peel and stick, paste the wall, and paste the paper. Also, for the cleaning freaks, some wallpapers are available in the washable design.

Cons Of Wallpaper

Truth be told, the wallpapers are incredible but it has a fair share of cons adhered to it. For the most part, the wallpapers tend to be more expensive as compared to paint. In addition, if you opt for the traditional wallpaper, it can be hard to remove and maintain. Lastly, the wallpapers cannot be applied on raw bricked or concrete walls.


The wall covering costs will range from $284 to $733. In the case of the range from low-end to high-end, it starts from $150 and ends at $1,300. The average costs are around $507.

  • Range: $284 to $733
  • Low-end range to high-end range: $150 to $1,300
  • Average: $507

The Bottom Line

Wallpapers and wall coverings are the easiest methods of ramping up the room and adding an oomph to the boring walls. On the contrary, choosing the wallpapers can be overwhelming. With this article, we shed light on choosing the right wallpaper for your home. However, if you still need help with wallpapers and wallcoverings, take two minutes to fill out the form below and get an instant quote from our experts!

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