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Out of everything that defines your home, the cleanliness of your upholstery and home furniture is the most important. You spend your days and nights sitting over it and keeping your stuff. You sleep over it and your kids and pets spend their playtime seated around your home's furniture. Most importantly, most of your furniture is the first thing that any of your guests comes in contact with when visiting your home.

With such diverse usage that it offers, it is almost impossible to keep your furniture fully free of dust and dirt all the time. No matter how much you try, your furniture is bound to be messed up with all the dirt and dust as well as the spills of food or the pet's littering. In fact, all this spoiling is so intense and regular that even cleaning everything on a daily basis does not do a satisfactory job at all.

As a result, your furniture starts looking way older and rotten than it actually is and loses its luster too. You don't want any of this happening to your expensive and loved furniture at your place, right? This is why you need to get it serviced by expert upholstery and furniture cleaners every now and then. Doing so makes your furniture better for use and also increases its life. The reputable upholstery and furniture cleaners have the experience and the right kind of cleaning tools to make your life easier and more enjoyable with clean and perfect furniture all-around your place.

Reasons You Need Regular Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

You may think that you can hoover or clean your furniture and wash all your washable upholstery components after every few days and that would be enough. Let us tell you, this is where you are wrong. Not even regular cleaning of your furniture on your own can do the job of cleansing as perfectly as that can be done by availing the professionals' services for this task every now and then.

If you are someone who does not consider investing much in getting the furniture cleaned, here are some reasons that can convince you to do so.

  1. Healthier Living

The dirt and dust as well as the dried out liquids that lie there in the deeper layers of your upholstery and can be felt on the surface of your furniture are rather deadly. If not sucked out well, all these elements can give birth to bacteria, fungus, and spores that can ruin whatever comes in a contact with them.

The dust mites or allergens use the untidy upholstery as their breeding grounds too. This means whenever you sit on these things, touch them with your hands, or simply put your stuff over their surface you unknowingly come in contact with all these things too. This is dangerous for your health and can cause several health issues in your kids too, the most common ones being skin allergies and breathing problems.

However, when you get your furniture cleaned and washed by experts, these microorganisms and other dust particles are sucked out from the deeper layers of the furniture, thus making it safe and healthier for you.

  1. Longer Furniture Life

When you keep your furniture cleaner, its fabric as well the wood or metal it is made up of stays in its shape for long. Pulling out all the dirt from furniture and washing it when needed ensures that it keeps on looking new and lasts you longer.

  1. Healthier Home Air

The untidy upholstery gives birth to all those micro-elements that can mutate in the air and are also easily transferable. Once in the air, these germs and allergens make their way to your lungs and affect your health, thus deteriorating your immunity. Regular and in-depth cleaning of these germ-breeding grounds can ensure better air quality at your place, thus keeping you healthier.

  1. Adds to Your Home's Beauty

What's a prettier home interior than a neat and clean one? Of course, taking care of your furniture's cleanliness makes it look fresh and better thus adding a lot to your home's beauty and aesthetic appeal.

  1. No Bad Odors

One thing that untidy upholstery brings along is a lot of foul smell, created by the bacterial activity in its deeper layers. Getting it cleaned and washed regularly ensures no bad smells, making your home a comfortable place.

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning Costs

The following factors are the major determiners of your furniture cleaning services done by experts:

  • How dirty is the furniture and what kind of cleaning is required?
  • What exactly do you need to get cleaned? (Sofas, love seats, ottomans, armchairs, walls, etc.)
  • What is the material of your furniture and upholstery? (Fabric, leather, cushion, wood, etc)
  • When did you clean it the last time?
  • How old are all the upholstery and furniture?
  • Where is the furniture used? (Office, shops, home, etc.)
  • Do you have pets around the furniture?

Generally speaking, you can expect to be paying anywhere between $120 and $220 to get your upholstery and furniture cleaned by the experts. However, if the size of the piece you need to be cleaned is very small, your charges may go as low as $50. A large-sized sofa seating piece and be washed for around $200.


Getting your furniture cleaned by the experts is important even if you do it yourself every week too. Experts have better tools and techniques to perform a deeper cleaning, thus keeping your upholstery cleaner and hygienic, making it live longer.

When you call these experts to clean your furniture for you, try getting most of your pieces done in one round. This ensures the overall cleaning of your home, leaving you with a feeling of great satisfaction.

You can fill out the form given above this article to avail professional and satisfactory upholstery and furniture cleaning at reasonable rates. All you have to do is to fill out the form perfectly and you will be contacted by the staff on their own.

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