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Floor and wall tiles are a smart way to upgrade your home. They come in a wide variety of designs and are especially suitable for an environment subject to humidity, moisture, or dirt. Hence, most people prefer to go for tiles as a flooring option, which is why the demand for it has been on the rise, recently. These are installed in multiple locations in the house, including, bathroom walls/floor, kitchen area, balcony/terrace area, and the staircase, etc.

What are the different types of Tile Services?

Regardless of the need being small or big, there are a wide variety of tile services available to help you get the best flooring and walls:

  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tile: The installation/repair of the tile will be undertaken based upon your needs. The tiles are installed on the walls, floor, tub/shower, etc. Also, the flooring is available in different types, including, glazed ceramic, ceramic mosaic, porcelain, and can also be customized according to the client’s preference.
  • Grout cleaning: This includes sealing, cleaning, repair, or a replacement of grout depending upon the need of the client. Also, the option of stone or marble polishing is available.
  • Granite Restoration and Polish: Granite being a common and preferred stone requires a fix, especially if installed in high-traffic areas. Hence, this service includes restoration and polish of granite flooring, tubs/shower area, kitchen, walls, countertops, etc.
  • Marble Restoration and Polish: Includes refurbishing of marble flooring, tub/shower area, kitchen area, countertops, walls, backsplash, etc.
  • Stone polish/restoration: The restoration/polish of other forms of stone, including travertine and limestone, can also be performed.
  • Tile installation: There is a wide variety of tile stones available to choose from. These include marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, slate, quartz, soapstone, and travertine.

Why do you need Tile Services?

Tile is an excellent means of remodelling your home, but there are certain complexities associated with its installation and repair. Hence, it is necessary to hire professional services for all issues related to tiles so that they last longer and are correctly installed. Replacing tiles requires a lot of effort, which includes the dismantling of existing tiles and then careful installation of new ones; hence, the ideal way to save oneself from all the hassle associated with the task at hand is to hire tile services. The service providers will also provide sound advice regarding the stone type that suits your needs and the design that complements your house interior. These experts have all the tools and expertise needed to upgrade your home.

Benefits of Tile Services

Tiling is by far one of the best ways of remodelling your home owing to the wide range of benefits that it provides:

  • Durability: Tile stone is highly reliable and long-lasting due to its strong resistance to stain and wear, making it an excellent option for installation in high-traffic or frequently used areas, around the house.
  • Low maintenance: Apart from applying a sealant on your tile every 4-5 years, there is not much to worry about. Tiles certainly do not require extra care and are thus easy maintenance.
  • Water-resistant: Most tile stones, especially ceramic, have a glazed layer making it impermeable to water-damage and stains. They are an excellent choice for bathrooms and sauna due to their natural resistance to moisture and humidity.
  • Cost-effective: One of the cheapest flooring options, ceramic tiles, make up for the cost incurred in installation with their longevity and minimal maintenance aspects. Of course, the price also depends on the type of tile stone purchased because there are a lot of high-end expensive ones available, while cheaper options are present too.
  • Eco-Friendly: These stones are made up of sand, glass, and clay, after which they are combined with recycled material to form ceramics. This makes it an excellent choice for environmentalists. Furthermore, they serve as a form of insulation by providing warmth in winters and cool the floor in winters, saving up on your electricity bill.
  • Value Added: Tiles add significant value to your home, which not just provides a pleasant outlook but also pays off in the long run. Homes with tiles have a significantly higher resale value owing to the impressive flooring/walls.
  • Healthier option: Tile is produced at an extremely high temperature because of which they do not contain any volatile organic compounds that create a wide variety of health problems. Other flooring options, including vinyl and carpets, have low VOC, making tile a relatively better choice.


The cost of tile differs depending upon the type of stone while the installation charges entirely depend upon the amount of tiling and repair required by the client. Many other factors affect the cost of a tile. These include; the brand of the flooring, sales tax, shipping fee, delivery fee, additional materials, and other supplies used.

The average cost of porcelain tiles ranges between $3-10 per square foot. Natural stones such as marble, granite, travertine, slate, and quartz are generally more expensive, with a price of around $5-10 per square foot, averaged at $7/square foot. However, if you wish to install designer floor tiles, then the cost is $25 plus per square foot. Other than the type of flooring, the grading of the tile can also affect the cost associated with it. Nowadays, retailers set a grade level from 1-3 for the tiles, for the customers to choose from.

Installation cost is in itself affected by numerous factors including, the level of difficulty in installation, Issues with the subflooring, removal of existing materials, distance from the installation location, and the service provider hired. Large open areas are easier to deal with while, narrower spaces certainly cost more.


Whether you decide to transform flooring and walls with the installation of stylish tiles or refurbish the existing ones, there are always a few pointers to keep in mind. It is best practice to compare the price of different tile stones and the cost associated with the installation/repair of tiles, to get the best bid. If you need flooring installed urgently, then you must make sure that the tiles you order are in stock because special imported ones often take several months to get delivered.

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