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Swimming pool services deal with the design, construction, maintenance, redecoration, and repair of pools for commercial and domestic purposes. Expert technicians and engineers provide high-quality installation and services to help keep your pools running smoothly.

What are the different types of Swimming Pool Services?

There are different types of swimming pool services such as:

Pool Deck – Build

The pool deck is the space around the pool. You can place lounge chairs, tables, and other furniture in this area to make it look pleasant and welcoming. Different types of materials are employed for the building of a pool deck. Materials such as stamped concrete, wood, colored concrete, interlocking concrete pavers, exposed aggregate (pebbles), stone, brick, tiles are used. The type of pool is also mentioned, whether it is above or below the ground. Furthermore, the type of material used in the pool surface is also determined, e.g. vinyl, tile, concrete, or fiberglass.

Pool Tile – Install or Repair

There are different types of tiles that you can choose from for your swimming pool. Porcelain tiles, glass tiles, mosaic tiles, brick tiles, and stone tiles are some examples. You can also get expert advice from pool engineers or designers.

Swimming Pool – Build or Install

Swimming pool – Above Ground – Build or Install

Above ground pools include a soft-sided pool (vinyl) and hard-sided pool (metal or resin). They are available in different shapes such as round, oval, or rectangle. Pool companies also specialize in the removal of old pools and the installation of new ones. Various features are also available such as wooden decking, covers, lighting systems, pool entry/exit steps, fencing/safety enclosures, heating systems, and slides.

Swimming Pool Covers – Install or Replace

Pool covers can also be installed or replaced. Pool covers help to keep away children and pets, protect it from the winter season, and keep trash and leaves out of the water. Safety covers, winter covers, automatic covers, and insulated covers are different types of sheets that can be used.

Swimming Pool Heaters – Install or Replace

Different kinds of pool heaters can be used to keep the water warm during cold seasons. Natural-gas fired heater, propane-gas fired heater, solar heater, electric and heat pump heaters are employed.

Swimming Pool – Repair and Maintain

Swimming pool repair services include repairing cracks in tiles, restoring tiles, renovation of pool surfaces, replacement of pool liners, cleaning, and maintenance of the pool, repair, and servicing of pool heaters and repair and servicing of pool accessories.

Swimming Pool – Resurface

Pool resurfacing involved the removal of damaged material and the application of a new finish to the pool surface. There is a range of finishes to choose from, such as plaster, fiberglass, pebbles, tile, etc.

Swimming Pool – Remodel

Pool remodeling involves changing and replacing tiles, adding different features to the pool, changing the shape of the pool, etc. Various elements that can help in the remodeling of the pool are the addition of new tiles, new pool deck, resurfacing the pool, replacing wall steps, skimmer replacement, adding pool lights, chlorination, or cleaner system.

Why do you need Swimming Pool Services?

Consider yourself lucky if you have a swimming pool at home or are planning to get one installed. It is the best place to relax and have a leisure time with your friends and family. To keep your pool clean and safe, you need to get it maintained regularly. Many companies such as Speedifix, Hydrocare, Poolwerx, Fieldstone, etc. are there to cater to your needs regarding pool installation, repair, and maintenance. They are a team of highly trained and qualified engineers and technicians with expert knowledge of pool cleaning, repair, remodeling, and support. They also provide you with high-quality products for your pools and spas so you can have rich experience. They give detailed attention to your queries and requirements and deliver their best to keep you satisfied! Maintaining your pool on a daily and weekly basis is extremely important to eliminate the risk of water-borne diseases.

Benefits of Swimming Pool Services

  • Swimming pool maintenance is an exhausting and time-consuming task. Thus, you can leave it to the professionals while you enjoy your time taking a dip in the pool
  • Pool experts inspect minor faults in the pool and fix them there. This eventually saves a large amount of money for repair and remodeling in the long run.
  • Skilled technicians have expert knowledge regarding pool water maintenance. Hence, routine check-up of water is necessary to avoid the growth of algae or fungus. It also helps to avoid specific health risks.
  • By cleaning the tiles, pump, and skimmer baskets, the pool equipment will be in good condition and will last longer, thereby increasing the life of the pool.
  • A well maintained and dirt-free pool adds to the beauty of your home.

How much do Swimming Pool Services Cost?

The average cost of swimming pool services is around $750 during summers. It can be as low as $150 and even as high as $1050 (inclusive of repairs and monthly services). The size of your pool, type of pool, and the level of use it gets dramatically affect the cost of services. Labor that is required for the cleaning and maintenance of the pool costs around $100-$200 every month. This includes checking the level of chemicals and pH level, cleaning the pool, scrubbing the tiles, and emptying the contents of the filter basket.


Swimming is a great, low-impact exercise that helps in building strength, releasing stress, and improving your cardiovascular health. It is an excellent source for recreation and also adds up to the beauty of our backyard. It provides you with a chance to cool off in the summers and leave all the stress behind. You don’t have to worry about the maintenance and repair of your pool; professional pool service companies are just a call away! Just relax and enjoy your time in the pool while they cater to your needs and provide you with the best pool services in town!

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