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Many cities that have hot summers require cooling systems in their homes to make the place livable. People mostly started opting to install swamp coolers instead of air conditioners for numerous reasons, including being comfortable and cost-effective when it comes to the installation process.

Where to install swamp coolers

While planning to install swamp coolers, also known as evaporative coolers, in your homes, you must know the exact locations they must be installed to provide cooler air to all the house areas.

Swamp coolers are installed in one of the two places, depending on your house's size and structure. It is either installed at a central location where the more cool air blows to the entire house or connected to ductwork from where the air blows to different areas of the house. Ducted systems work best for larger houses with multiple bedrooms and hallways whereas, central-location installation works best for smaller houses.

Many people also choose to install coolers on the roofs of their houses. However, according to the professionals, it is advised to install ground-mounted horizontal units as they are easy to maintain and lessen roof leakage chances.

Why have a swamp cooler installed in your home

There are numerous advantages of installing swamp coolers when compared to air conditioners. People have switched to coolers for their innumerable benefits, which include some health benefits too. Before deciding what to install in your homes, go through these benefits to know what exactly do swamp coolers offer.

Less expensive

Compared to other cooling options, swamp coolers are fairly less expensive. Their installation and operational costs are much cheaper than any other cooling system. Not to forget that these coolers do not need much energy to operate, saving a lot of money. Unlike many cooling systems, swamp coolers work with just a fan and water pump.

Swamp coolers only need installation costs that are also half the price of other similar air conditioning systems.

Easy and cost-effective maintenance

Although swamp coolers need regular maintenance, they are still very cheap as compared to other air conditioners. Keeping the unit filled with water and changing the pads is more straightforward and does not cost much. It can be quickly done by yourself also. On the other hand, air conditioners require changing filters, cleaning, and changing chemicals, which could be expensive. Although swamp coolers require more maintenance, they are much cheaper in terms of maintenance than an air conditioner.

Freshen Dry Air

In low humidity areas, installing swamp coolers is the best option. They not only help control humidity but also add moisture to the air. When the temperature is brought down, and fresh air is added to the atmosphere, your surroundings become much more comfortable and breathable. On the other hand, air conditioners can make the air too dry as they remove moisture, which can irritate your eyes and make your skin dry.

Good for the environment

Swamp coolers require water whereas air conditioners use cooling chemicals or refrigerants that emit CO2. As the air conditioners start functioning, the chemicals are converted from liquid to gas and emit CO2 gas, which is harmful to breathe and to the environment. Swamp coolers are much safer for your family and the environment.


Nobody would like any disturbance while sleeping. If you have ever had an air conditioner installed in your homes, you would know the amount of noise they make while functioning, which hinders your sleep. All of this noise comes from the condenser present in the air conditioner system. When it converts chemicals from liquid to gas, they generate many sounds that can be disturbing at times. However, swamp coolers are much quieter while functioning.

How to maintain swamp coolers

To enjoy all these advantages, you need to have a swamp cooler installed in your home. Once you have done it, you must take the next step to check on their functioning regularly. This might seem a lot of work, but this is not true because these coolers work on the fan and water pump, all you need to check if the system is filled with water and the functioning of the fan. You can save a lot of money by draining and cleaning your cooler daily. Build-up minerals and sediments also need to clean regularly.

Coolers require central cleaning every season. The more they are run, the more maintenance it would need. Swamp coolers filter air, suck up smoke, odors, and other bacteria. If they are not adequately maintained, fungus and harmful bacteria will start settling, further spreading in your homes, resulting in several health issues.

In hotter months, check the filters, pads, and pumps at least once a month to ensure the system's proper functioning. Replace the pads twice for continuous operation. Filters must also be cleaned when pads are cleaned or changed. Do not forget to disconnect the electricity from the cooling system whenever you plan on servicing it.

How much do installation and repairing of swamp coolers cost

The installation cost of a swamp cooler is around $2446. It varies from $1,404 and $3,492. Material and the cooling unit costs somewhere around $40 to $2,300. Labor charges for the installation of a unit would be around $70 per hour. These prices vary on the size and the number of units you would want to install.  The repairing costs would range from $400 - $5,235 depending on what needs to be repaired.

The above charges may differ depending on task complexity.


Swamp coolers have become very popular amongst people because of their numerous benefits. They are not only cost-effective and also require less maintenance when compared to other air conditioning units. Installing a swamp cooler will save you the hassle of significant repairing issues. Who would not want to save money? To know more about the installation and repair costs, fill in the above form to connect to our professionals to get the accurate installation and repairing price.

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