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Security cameras have changed a lot over time. They have become more affordable than they were before. They come in wireless and wired versions and can be easily monitored by connecting them to the internet. This helps you in monitoring your property, family, pets anywhere around the world. Surveillance cameras have become more effective in keeping your family safe from all kinds of danger.

Monitoring your home, children, or even offices has become more comfortable by installing surveillance cameras at the desired location. Installing surveillance cameras in your homes or offices reduces the stress and helps you keep a check on your property even if you are sitting miles away from it. While installing cameras, one must know the type of camera they would want to install at their office buildings or homes. You must also consider the number of cameras you and the desired places you want them installed.

Types of video surveillance cameras

There are different types of surveillance cameras for monitoring and surveillance purposes. Some of these types are discussed below to provide you with details to help you decide which of these cameras would suit your requirement.

Recorded cameras

Recorded cameras have played a vital role in making lives safer. You can easily watch the videos recorded through your surveillance cameras to know what had happened in your absence.

Live Cameras

These cameras are very much popular in homes and offices because of the features they offer. They are 24/7 active if kept turned on at all times. They give a live view of the place and help you monitor your family, property, pets, etc. They can be connected to your phones to help you view your home or office any time during the day at any location.

Exposed Cameras

These cameras help parents to monitor what their children are doing during their absence. They also help business personnel to keep a check on their employees around their business premises.

Hidden Cameras

These cameras are built into most commonly used objects like smoke detectors, television sets, alarm clocks, ink pen caps, motion detectors, mobile phones, and plants. These cameras are used for home surveillance and also used commercially as spying.

Audio/ Video Cameras

These cameras are installed in places where possibilities of theft or robbery are more. These cameras help in listening while viewing the activities of the potential suspect. Microphones are built into these cameras that help in recording the video as well as the audio.

Benefits of Surveillance Camera

Installing surveillance cameras in desired locations have multiple benefits. Some of them are discussed below.

Allows you to monitor your property from anywhere

Surveillance cameras can be installed at multiple blind spots around your home or even in your office buildings that are not visible from the windows to keep a check on any unusual activity on your property without leaving your home. Surveillance cameras can also be used as peepholes for homes if you wish to avoid entertaining a visitor at later hours at night.

Keeping a check on the family

Surveillance cameras are not only limited to securing your property for unusual activity or keeping a check on visitors. These cameras play an important role in monitoring your family during your absence to ensure their safety.

Helps monitor kids

Another benefit of installing a surveillance camera in your home to monitor your kids. Families where both the parents have to leave the house for work mostly use these cameras to keep a check on their children using the remote monitoring feature while they are at work. Using security cameras, you may also know who your teenage children are inviting during your absence. You may also remotely unlock the doors if you have electronic door locks installed, which saves you from the hassle of reminding your children to keep a set of keys with them while you are away.

Keep an eye on house help and other staff

Another reason for installing surveillance cameras is to keep a check on house help. Installing security cameras outside the house is more common than installing them inside. To monitor your valuables, you must keep an eye on your maids. More importantly, to keep a check on how your nanny treats your kid while you are busy working, you must install a surveillance camera inside your home. It takes several years to build trust. So if you are not home, it is advisable to install a surveillance camera, especially if you have a toddler or an infant.

Insurance Benefits

Many companies offer insurance policies where you need to provide videos of burglary. To do that, you must need a high-definition security camera. With the footage, you can easily prove the incident occurred and validate your insurance claim.

Why Repair or Replace Surveillance Camera

To regularly check your loved ones, you must also focus on maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing, or even replacing your camera when needed. At times, surveillance cameras stop working and need repairing because of a faulty wire.

Cleaning the lenses and thoroughly checking your surveillance cameras' interior and exterior connections must also be done regularly to keep them in working condition. Ensure you upgrade your surveillance system in due time, so no hindrances occur while monitoring your property, kids, or house help.

Companies offer monthly checkups where they visit your location and check if any repairing work is needed. If they find any fault in the system, they also replace it with a new one, so you do not face any unwanted gap in your security systems.

How much does the installation and repairing of the surveillance camera cost

Installing a surveillance camera will cost you about $1500. The price of installing the surveillance system varies depending on the type and number of cameras. Apart from the equipment charges, if you plan to get them installed by professionals, the cost will range from $100 to $200 for each camera.


Installing surveillance cameras lessens your stress and eases the job of looking after your belongings at the comfort of your home. To avoid any unpleasant happening, ensure that you repair your cameras on time to keep them in running condition. If you haven't installed one yet, fill in the form to get in touch with our professionals, who can further guide you with the more accurate installing and repairing costs.

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