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Solar power or solar energy is the process of catching the sun’s light and converting it into electrical energy for use. A solar power system helps to convert the sun’s energy into electricity. It consists of a number of photovoltaic panels, an inverter and a rack that contains the panels. The solar panels allow safe and clean conversion of sunlight into electricity and can be found on roofs of homes and businesses. In contrast to solar power systems, solar hot water systems use the sun’s heat to generate hot water for household and business use. They are also found on roof tops. Installing solar power systems and generating electricity through them is a great alternative to conventional energy sources. Solar services are designed to supply us with solar panels and other sustainable energy equipment. They also help with the installation, repair and maintenance of the solar panels.

What are the different types of Solar Services?

Different factors are taken into consideration before installation of different types of solar services. Factors such as type of property, electricity bill, consumption, roof type etc. determine the type of service. Following are various solar services being used:

Solar panel for electric systems – Install

This service is concerned with the installation of solar panel systems. Solar panel electric systems are available in two types: Grid tie-in with battery backup and grid tie-in without battery backup. Grid-tied solar system helps you to consume electricity from the solar panel as well as the electrical grid. An off-grid system solely depends on the electricity produced from the sun’s energy and stored in batteries. It also keeps in check the exposure of sun on the property, whether it is full or partial.

Solar Panels for Electric Systems – Repair

This service is concerned with the repair of solar panel systems. Firstly, the type of damage is identified and specified so that the specific service can be availed. Repair of solar systems could be needed due to multiple reasons e.g. damaged solar panels, wiring damage, requirement of maintenance etc. Also, type of solar panel system is also identified.

Solar Water Heater System – Install

Different sized water heaters are installed depending on the amount of water they can carry e.g. 30-gallon, 40-gallon, 50-gallon water heater and so on. The location of the water heater is also determined whether it will be installed in the basement, garage, attic, crawl space, closet etc. It is further specified whether the chosen location for the water heater is shaded at any time during the year, facing southwards or westwards.

Solar Water Heater System – Repair

This service is concerned with the repair of solar water heater system. The reason of availing the service is usually specified. There can be a number of reasons for repair of water heater system such as unavailability of hot water, leakage of water, pump problems, noise pollution, controller problem, damaged solar collectors, running after dark and maintenance problems. The service is chosen according to the type of solar water heater that you have e.g. active, passive, thermosiphon, batch, household water used in system or heat transfer fluid in system. Size of water heater is also stated (30,40 or 50 gallons).

Why do we need Solar Services?

Installing solar power systems or solar heater systems can help us immensely in the short as well as long run. It helps us to cut down on our energy expenses, meanwhile protecting the planet with reduced carbon emission. The excessive burning of fossil fuels such as gas, oil and coal is gradually leading to environmental disasters such as global warming. Solar power is the cheapest form of energy available and worthwhile to invest in. It is a cost-effective, clean and safe way to generate electricity. On the other hand, none of your energy goes to waste. Excess energy can be used to heat water rather than transferring it back to the main grid.

Benefits of Solar Services

  • Since it is a cost-effective alternative, it helps in cutting down costs and saving money, while helping to lower your energy bills.
  • Helps to generate clean and free electricity and helping you get rid of the costly and unclean electricity from the grid.
  • You can also charge your vehicles by connecting the solar panels with an electric vehicle. In this way, you can actually charge your car for free!
  • Excess energy from the solar system can be used to heat the water in your homes and businesses
  • By generating and utilizing clean and renewable energy resources, you can reduce your carbon footprint and protect the planet from global warming.
  • Solar energy is the most readily available form of energy and hence can be established anywhere.
  • Solar panels do not require much maintenance once they have been installed and are running. They can last for a long period of time, 20-30 years maximum. The only maintenance that is required is washing the panels at least 2-4 times a year to get rid of any dust particles that inhibit its ability to catch sunlight and convert it into electrical energy. Washing can be done with the help of a garden hose.

How much do Solar Services cost?

When considering the installation of a solar panel, a number of factors are taken into account. Factors include type and size of solar panels, type of property, direction of roof and the quality of components involved (e.g. inverter). Solar panels are cheaper and affordable with an almost negligible cost of maintenance. The average solar system, inclusive of installation charges, may cost you around $11,411 to $14,874. It varies according to different countries and states.


Solar services are easy, hassle free and guarantee you a safe and clean way of generating electricity. Installation and repair are handled by expert professionals and technicians. They are skilled in providing the best services along with the best advice that suits your energy needs. All you need to do is choose a trustworthy solar services company and let them help you reduce your carbon footprint!

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