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A skylight may be required and beneficial in some buildings or spaces. However, a skylight is installed correctly and with proper insulation to prevent moisture damage and increasing energy costs for heating and cooling. Skylights also require periodic skylight cleaning, skylight glass replacement, and repair. With the help of skylight services, you can inform yourself of all aspects associated with skylights. This includes the installation of skylights, insulation, repair, replacement, and other issues about skylights in your home or business.

Skylights may be one of two types

  • Fixed skylights with sound installation, proper waterproofing, and sealing allow natural light indoors while being energy efficient. This is because fixed skylights have no opening from where air can escape or from where issues of water damage or leakage can occur.
  • Operable skylights allow natural night in, while also letting in the fresh air. They are suitable for natural ventilation and to improve the air quality in the home. However, they may be prone to leakage, may increase energy costs if not adequately insulated and sealed, and issues with the opening and closing mechanism may crop up.

Things to consider before installing a Skylight are

  • Weather should be clear to make sure extreme weather conditions do not impede
  • Get professional installation to ensure proper fitting.
  • Consider insulating for maximum energy efficiency.
  • Insulation will also reduce but not eliminate noise to your area.
  • Consider the weather conditions in your area. Excessive snow and rain can lead to condensation and sometimes leakage into the interior.
  • Install weather and waterproofing and efficient drainage away from the skylight frame.

Why you need Skylight Services?

You may need skylight services if you have any of the following needs

Skylight installation can increase the value of your home, enhance curb appeal while increasing natural light and fresh air to the interior. A professional roofer should perform a skylight installation since the correct installation is crucial to prevent leakages and insidious water damage.

Purchasing a skylight

The first step should be to see what kind of skylight you need. First, choose either a fixed or an operable skylight. You can choose between a motor-operated skylight or a manually operable skylight. Then select whether you would need shades for your skylight. Shades are a good idea to control the light entering your interior and as a protection for your skylight.

Installing a skylight in an existing opening

Installing a skylight in an existing cut out hole in the roof will involve framing, installation, waterproofing, and sealing. The flash frame is installed to keep as much moisture as possible on the surface of the skylight, prevent leakage, and to end the insulation process.

Installing a skylight by cutting a hole in an existing roof, framing and installing a skylight

This will involve cutting and framing the opening. Cutting out the roofing tiles or roof material and attaching the skylight. This is followed by slipping in the underlayment. The bottom and step flashing are then secured while the solid flashing pieces are installed as a final step.  The second phase of putting in a skylight is the interior installation.

Types of roofs in which you may wish to install a skylight

Asphalt shingle

In case of an asphalt shingle roof, the slope of the roof will be measured, the area for skylight installation marked and cut out before the skylight is framed and installed.

Wood shake shingle

The installation process is essentially the same as for installing a skylight on asphalt shingles, but the age of wood or shale shingles should be considered before installation. Ice and weather shielding may be installed to ensure that the flashing sits tight on the surface and to make sure leakages do not occur.

Traditional tile

The price of the skylight remains the same, while the cost of installation will increase. This is because most skylights are made to be installed on asphalt roofs, and installing on tile or metal will increase the cost of insulation and flashing.

Lightweight tile

Flashing costs more when it is installed on a tile or metal roof

 Metal roof

Installation of a skylight is possible in a metal roof, but consideration should be given to proper installation and weatherproofing.

Tar and gravel, single ply or foam roof

Skylight, repair, replace or seal an existing skylight

The following problems may occur with an existing skylight

The ceiling is damp around the opening (leakage) leakage is a common problem for skylights, and though it can be caused by improper installation, well-fitted skylights may also be prone to leakage once the seals wear out. Poorly designed flashing or badly installed flashing may also contribute to leakage.

Cracked skylight will require replacement if the crack is large. A smaller crack may be contained temporarily. Some materials such as acrylic skylights become brittle with age and lose their flexibility, making them susceptible to cracking. Such skylights need to be replaced since the materials have broken down. Hail and falling debris or tree limbs during storms may damage a skylight also.

Manually operated skylight isn’t functioning properly: To make sure that you can use your skylights as a source of ventilation for your interior, the skylights may be opened manually. Manual operating systems that malfunction should be investigated. Common problems include jammed or stuck skylight opening systems.

Motor operated skylight isn’t functioning properly. These are electric motor equipped skylights that are operated with a switch or more often remote control. They are a good option for physically challenged people and people who prefer comfort.  Motor operated skylights often have rain and high wind sensors to make sure the skylight is closed before rains or storms damage the interior.

The manually operated shade isn’t functioning properly. Shades may be installed to reduce glare and provide a layer of protection to your skylight. Like the manual operator for the skylight, the shade operator may also get jammed or stuck. If basic measures like cleaning and lubrication do not work, then a professional should be consulted.

The motor-operated shade isn’t functioning properly.

Get a consult from a professional if the skylight shades electric operator is malfunctioning. Reasons could vary, such as a circuit breaker or fuse in wiring or physical malfunction with machinery.

Budget required to get Skylight Services

The average price of a skylight repair ranges from $407 to $1227 according to figures submitted by Home Advisor members. The average price of a skylight installation varies from $959 to $2333.


We can see that skylights need expert installation as about 90 percent of the leakage issues with skylights are from incorrect or damaged framing, drainage, or sealing. With skylight services, you can make smart decisions related to your skylight project as well as get various price quotations associated with skylight installation and repair.

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