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What are Siding Services?

Siding is used to cover the outside walls of the building. Siding is also known as wall cladding. Siding provides protection against the elements and some insulation to a building, as well as providing a visually cohesive look to the exterior. The correct siding will add value and curb appeal to your home while also being strong, low maintenance, and affordable.

Siding is usually composed of prefabricated sheets or panels of different materials such as wood or vinyl. It could also consist of a smooth paint-like exterior, such as the vinyl-based liquid spray-on or stucco.

The most common types of siding available in the market are given below

Wood or fiber cement

Wood is a traditional siding material. It has good insulating properties and is visually appealing. Wood is also a strong and durable siding option. It may be slightly more expensive and requires regular maintenance; however, the wood siding looks beautiful and adds value to a home. Wood fiber is a cheaper option. It is a pressed wood pulp product with less durability but the same aesthetic value as wood. Overall, both of these options are strong, durable, and have curb appeal.

Traditional stucco

Traditional stucco is made up of cement, sand, lime, and water. It is applied in three layers, which provide a seamless exterior look to the home. These layers are applied on a mesh base, which is known as a lath. Traditional stucco has been in use for many years as an exterior for homes. A finish of expansive acrylic-polymer is used as a finish to prevent any cracking. Traditional stucco may fade with time and may require repainting; it can also be damaged easily and may have issues with moisture retention, humidity, damp, and rot. With correct maintenance, traditional stucco may last for more than 50 years.


Vinyl siding is easy to install, provides insulation, and does not require much maintenance. It will not need painting and is a strong, affordable, and durable siding option. Incorrect installation may lead to problems. It doesn't have a lot of curb appeal, may lower the value of your home, and can also lead to issues with moisture retention below the siding. Vinyl is also not a good option in areas with extremely hot climates. This is because vinyl may melt and also has problems with heat retention. Vinyl siding can last from 20-40 years with proper care.

Synthetic stucco

This was developed in the 1950s as an alternative to traditional stucco. It consists of a foam insulation board, fiberglass mesh, a synthetic stucco layer, and then a topcoat. It is nearly identical to traditional stucco. A foam core is the distinctive feature of synthetic stucco. It is an energy-efficient, insulating, durable, and low maintenance alternative to the traditional stucco siding. It is an easily damaged siding material.

Brick or stone

This may be an expensive option, but it adds value to a home. Brick or stone siding adds to a home's curb appeal making it stand out and look beautiful. It is also a strong, durable, long-lasting siding which also provides insulation to the home. With maintenance, brick siding can last from 25-75 years.

Liquid spray-on

Liquid spray on siding is a compound made of resins and polymer, which is sprayed directly on the building. It is a vinyl-based siding and gives a painted effect. However, unlike paint, spray-on liquid siding requires no maintenance.

Metal (steel or aluminum)

One of the problems with metal (steel or aluminum) is that they are not good insulators of heat. They also provide no insulation against noise. Metal (steel or aluminum) are also not the most aesthetically pleasing siding options. They are, however, very strong and can last for many years. They also require no maintenance once installed. It is very unlikely that a strong metal aluminum or steel siding is damaged by regular wear or tear, so you will probably have to face little repair problems. Steel and aluminum are also resistant to corrosion and rust. Steel and aluminum siding were developed as a low maintenance long-lasting alternative to traditional siding. It is arranged in overlapping sheets to mimic wood clapboard siding.

Why do you need Siding Services?

You may need siding services if you require any of the following service;

Replace existing siding

You may have to replace the whole siding if your siding has issues with bubbling or blistering, is damaged by hail, is damaged by wildlife, is cracked or loose, or is infested with dry rot. A siding replacement may also be for aesthetic reasons such as to upgrade the siding material. Siding replacement companies will provide you with professional guidance on how to remove and replace existing siding.

Siding for a new addition

Siding for a new addition will involve choosing a siding that matches or complements your existing siding. After you have decided on the type of siding you prefer and which would be suitable in your area, you should consult with a siding installation company for professional guidance.

Repair section of siding

Small sections of damaged siding may be cut away and replaced or repaired depending on the materials used for the siding. Small repair damage is contained and pre-empts widespread damage, which could eventually lead to replacing the whole siding.

Siding for a new home

A siding installation company will provide professional siding installation services as well as guidance on what kind of siding would most suit your locality.

Budget required for Siding Services

The average cost of installation or replacement by siding replacement companies or siding installation companies is $5000 to $14050. The cost of siding includes the cost of materials and the cost of labor. Installation of stucco or vinyl siding is most cost-effective while siding made of materials such as bricks or stone is slightly pricier.


With the help of professional siding services, you will get all the information you need to make stress free decisions about your home or business siding project.

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