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What are Shutter Services?

Shutters consist of a solid frame that has several movable panels or louvers attached inside the frame. Homeowners may move these adjustable panels to levels that provide the optimum amounts of light and shade into the interior of the building. Shutters are also commonly known as plantation shutters since they were famously used in the plantation homes of the past.

Shutter services will provide you with all the information you need about your storm shutter or plantation shutter insulation or repair. You will also get a variety of price quotations that help you to establish a budget before commencing your project.

Shutters provide the following benefits

Shade and Protection

Shutters provide an extra layer of shade during the hot summer months while filtering in just the right amounts of light. External shutters made of aluminum may be installed on patios or decks for light filtration and as protection against the elements.


Interior shutters also have many benefits, such as providing privacy when needed as well as allowing as much natural light into the interior as is desired. Shutters can also be opened or closed to control airflow into the interior. Shutters also provide a degree of protection against extreme weather conditions.

Strong and durable

Shutters are extremely durable since they are made of heavy, solid material. They can last a long time with minimal maintenance. Unlike blinds which are much more delicate, shutters have no problems with the louver or panels bending or crinkling. Shutters also have no issues with wrapping, chipping or fading and maintain their aesthetic appeal for long periods of time.


Shutters also provide an extra layer of insulation to your windows. This will result in less cold air seeping in and less heat loss to the outdoors. The solid shutters are much better insulators as compared to window panes or glass, resulting in lower energy costs for heating or cooling your home.

Easily maintained

Shutters are also much easier to clean than conventional Window coverings such as curtains or blinds. The strong panels can easily be wiped down with a microfiber cloth or with furniture polish.

Negative points of Shutters

Shutters open inwards, and this means that unless you want to keep your shutters in a perpetually closed position, you will have to leave some open space in front of window shutters to allow them to operate correctly.

Shutters may be an expensive investment since they are some of the more expensive window dressings; however, it is well worth it. This is because not only do shutters provide a valuable function, but they also add to the curb appeal of any home. Shutters are considered an elite window option and add to the value of the home. That means that the investment in shutters will be returned to you in part if you sell the house at any time.

Why you need Shutter Services?

Shutters are available in a wide variety of high-quality styles. A few of them are listed below.

Most commonly louver sizes consist of the following;

One and a half inches

This is typically the smallest size of the louver, and it may be used on small windows and narrow doors. It allows more shade and light filtration while allowing airflow into the interior. When closed, each louver fits against the other to provide a solid shutter for privacy and protection against the outside light, heat, or extreme weather such as storm or snow.

Two and a half inches

They are the most common size of louver and are often seen on doors, windows, as well as cupboards and cabinet doors. When closed, they provide a solid privacy shield and sun and light protection. When opened, the smaller louver provides more filtration of intense light, allowing more shade and allowing fresh air into the interior. They are also a good option for smaller windows.

Three and a half inches

This size of louver is gaining in popularity among people who wish for a more open look to their home and a better view through their windows. The bigger louver size allows for greater ventilation and allows more natural light into the building. The design was first introduced in the West Coast as a means of providing greater visibility without compromising on privacy and insulation. In a closed position, the louver offers complete protection from outside light, the elements as well as complete privacy. Shutters of three and a half inches or the less common four and a half inches louver size are suited to larger windows and in homes where the homeowners want shutters without sacrificing the view.

Materials used for shutter


Materials that are commonly used for plantation shutters are woods such as basswood and poplar. Wood is always a good choice because even though it needs some waterproofing and sealing treatments, wood adds a warm natural element to any building. Wood also lasts for many years with some basic maintenance, so it is a strong, durable, and beautiful option that provides high levels of insulation.

Aluminum or PVC (vinyl)

Some people may choose shutters made of other materials such as aluminum or PVC. Aluminum is a strong, durable material with anti-corrosive properties. If you opt for aluminum shutters, make sure all elements, such as the end caps are also made of aluminum since the plastic end caps may wear down long before your shutters. The attachments should also be made of stainless steel to avoid rusting, and the shutters should come with engineering and wind ratings.

Budget required for Shutter Services

The budget required to install shutters may range on average from $3361 for a simple installation while repairs average an average of $123 to $348.


Shutters are a strong, durable, long-lasting, and aesthetically appealing window dressing option. Not only do they provide a measure of protection against the elements, but they also allow you to control light, airflow, and levels of privacy for your interior. Shutters also increase curb appeal and add value to your home. All of these reasons mean that despite their somewhat high cost, many homeowners will consider adding shutters to their homes. With the help of shutter services, you can get all the information you need before making any decisions about your shutter installation or repair project. Shutter services will also provide variable price quotations about your shutter installation or repair so you can establish a budget before starting your project.

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