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What are Septic Systems Services?

With the help of septic systems services, you will be informed of all the aspects and costs associated with the installation, maintenance, repair, cleaning, and replacement of septic systems.

Why you need Septic Systems Services?

Water main- Install, Repair or Replace

  • Install a new water pipe from home to the street. You will have to get the permissions and permits needed, and decide on the type of pipe you need to use, such as PVC or copper. You will also have to unearth a path for the water pipe installation.
  • Replace existing water pipes from home to street. You will need to unearth the pipe that needs to be replaced, stop the water meter, and then remove and replace the old pipe.
  • Repair broken water pipe from home to street by first locating the broken spot, then turning off the water supply from the mains and digging around the broken pipe to unearth it. The damaged portion of the pipe is cut out and replaced with a new pipe.

You may need a new water pipe installed, replaced or repaired for any of the following reasons

  • Reduced water pressure is usually caused by clogged pipes or low-pressure delivery by the city. Damage to the pipes, such as any leaks or dents may also reduce water pressure.
  • Water detectable in the yard signals a clogged or damaged pipe that may require replacement or repair.
  • Reduced water volume signals water loss from a leak or a clogged pipe.

Septic System- Install or Replace

  • Waste is draining slowly or not at all is sometimes caused by overuse of the system but may signal clogged or damaged pipes or a full septic tank.
  • Pump failure or alarm sounding because the pump is not receiving enough power or is worn out and needs replacement.
  • The noxious smell may signal a clogged pipe or a full septic tank. Septic tanks need to be pumped every three to five years.
  • Large volume releases (e.g., from the washing machine) cause overflow above septic tank or leach field means the system is overloaded, maybe because of damaged or clogged pipes or a full tank.
  • No problems, time to pump. Septic tanks need regular cleaning and maintenance, depending on their size. A regular-sized septic tank will need to be cleaned out every three to five years.

Septic Tank- Clean or Pump Out

  • Install a new septic tank where one does not exist by a certified installer who follows local area codes and by getting a permit from local government.
  • Replace the existing septic tank when the amount of moisture in the area increases significantly, signaling that the septic tank is full. Pipe backups, standing water in the yard, contaminated well water, greener grass signal tank issues that require inspection replacement.
  • Repair septic tank, the most common problem is that the pipe gets clogged.

Drain Clog or Blockage- Clear

You may require professionals to inspect and unclog blocked drains if you notice that water does not drain or drains very slowly or if there are backed up drains in your garage or basement.

Drain Line Breakage- Camera Locate

A camera will be used to diagnose the septic systems drains when they are clogged or slow to drain or when it is suspected that roots have penetrated into the pipes. The pipes may be inspected to provide certification from an inspector before a real estate transaction or if breakage is suspected.

Septic System- Repair

A septic system repair may be required when it is noticed that waste is draining slowly or not at all or if the pump fails or sounds an alarm. A noxious smell or visible overflow above septic tank or in the leach field may also signal a septic system inspection and repair. There may be no problems, but it may be time to pump and clean the septic tank as part of regularly scheduled maintenance.

Sewer Main- Clear

The major issue with septic systems is clogged drains or main. This occurs because materials such as cotton or plastic, which do not easily break down, entered the drains and lodged in the pipes forming an obstruction for waste and water.

The sewer main will need investigation, diagnosis, and clearance by professional plumbers if any of the following issues occur in your home;

  • Clogged plumbing in the fixture drain such as a toilet or sink backing up or water welling up and out of fixtures when water is run anywhere in the house.
  • Garage drain backing up shows that the main sewer is clogged and needs clearing.
  • Basement drain backing up is a common problem when sewers are clogged.
  • Sewer smell permeated the house

Sewer Main-Install, Replace or Repair

  • Install new sewer pipe from home to street by certified installers after getting permits from local government. Using pipes made of PVC are popular because of affordable price and easy installation but are not as durable as other materials.
  • Repair broken sewer pipe from home to street by the closing of the mains and evacuating pipes to find the damaged area.
  • Replace existing sewer pipe from home to street will require evacuating and removing existing pipes before replacement.

You may need to install, replace or repair the sewer system if you have the following issues in your home

  • Wastewater backs up into bathtubs, or other drains may signal blockages or a full septic tank.
  • Odors can be detected coming from drains signal that the drains are backing up and not processing waste efficiently.
  • Bathtubs and sinks drain slowly, signaling either blockages or a need to clean out a full septic tank.
  • Toilets drain slowly either due to blockages or a full septic tank.
  • Dishwasher wastewater backs up into sink drain
  • Wastewater is detectable in the yard
  • A plumber or another professional has recommended it.

Budget Required for Septic Tank Services

The average cost of septic system related services ranges from $580 to $2521 for a septic system repair. Meanwhile, the average cost of a septic system installation may vary from $3100 to $9416, and the cost of cleaning a septic system ranges from $285 to $515.


With the help of septic system services, you can make stress free decisions about your septic tank related project.

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