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Power washing is the practice of applying high-pressure water sprays on the exterior of your homes or buildings to remove unwanted dirt from surfaces and make them look new. It helps to remove mud, dirt, loose paint, mold, and grime from the surfaces of houses, buildings, and vehicles. It can also be used to clean commercial areas such as the exterior of restaurants, gas stations, pool areas, shopping centers, etc.

During power wash, high-pressure water is sprayed on driveways, porch, decks, etc. to get rid of the dirt and protect your homes to make them shine. Companies like Shack and Shine, B&B, Blast Off Power Wash, Power Washer Services Ltd (PWS) are great at power washing and related services.

What are the different types of Power Washing Services?

Residential Power Washing Services

To get rid of the dust and grime on your brick or vinyl siding, deck, patios, sidewalks, driveways, and other areas around the house, you can avail of the services of a power washing company. A professional can help you make your brick and vinyl sidings shiny again. Power washing also helps to prevent the decaying of surfaces that may cause accidents such as tripping or falling in the future. Two methods are usually applied for cleaning: soft wash or hand wash power washing. For intricate and delicate surfaces such as wood, hand wash, or soft wash is used. For more robust surfaces, power washing is preferred.

The roof is an integral part of your house, and it is necessary to protect it and maintain it. It can also be home to different infestations such as algae, moss, and lichens. For getting rid of them, a soft wash treatment is effective. Before you are forced to get your roof replaced due to algae or lichen growth, it is a cost-effective step to get it cleaned with a power wash. This will save you from future trouble and high costs.

Commercial services

Dirt and debris accumulation on the exterior of hospitals, parks, parking areas, shopping centers, office buildings, gas stations can decrease the aesthetic value of these places. Clean outdoor surfaces satisfy your clients and friends; hence it is vital to keep them clean. Services to remove dirt and dust include General cleaning, Facade cleaning, Degreasing, Sanitizing, Gutter cleaning, and Substance disposal.

The latest technology and equipment are used in the cleaning and maintenance of commercial areas. A large number of trucks bring around 1300-1400 gallons of water with the best quality detergent in town. After power washing, the wastewater is recovered and disposed of, meeting the guidelines of the waste disposal systems. To reach the top of buildings (balconies, windows, roofs, etc.), skilled technicians use aerial lifts to guarantee efficient and comprehensive cleaning of the entire building/area.

Why do you need Power Washer Services?

A neat and clean property is not only desirable to look at, but it is more welcoming and also makes the environment safer and healthier. Professionals use specific environment-friendly chemicals and effective methods that cannot be used or performed by an amateur. Power washing helps to protect and freshen up the exterior of your homes and buildings. It also helps to remove severe infestations that can decay your surfaces in the future. All the dirt and dust can cause allergies and disrupt the health of your family and coworkers. Power washing helps to eliminate the risk of such mold and algae accumulation and infestation. All in all, power washing services free you of the hassle to look after the exterior of your house and give it a fresh and new look, while also preserving your property for a longer time!

Benefits of Power Washing Services

There are multiple long-term benefits of power washing residential and commercial areas. Some of those benefits include:

  • Power washing protects your home and business from the build-up of mold and algae that causes contamination and health problems. It helps to build a cleaner home and vicinity
  • It helps you in the long run as it prevents further damage, which may lead to the replacement of sidings, concrete, etc.
  • It helps you to prepare the surface of your home for paint. To make the paint last longer on surfaces, clean the surface regularly to prevent chipping off of color.
  • Power washing saves you time and energy as it is less time consuming than hand scrubbing and is more effective
  • Power washing helps to increase your homes aesthetic value
  • It is an environmentally safe and friendly method and does not harm the surrounding wildlife, pets or plants around your house or business

How much do Power Washing Services Cost?

The price of power washing is less in comparison to other home-improvement methods. Cost ranges between $220-$380 depending on the types of instruments involved and service applied for power-washing.

Power washing a driveway has an average price ranging from $130-$210 depending on the pressure of power wash and tools involved. The average cost of power washing a deck or patio ranges from $250-$420.

Less pressure is required to clean a deck than a patio. The price may include labor, cost of equipment, and materials like soap and detergent, and it may vary according to the size of the area under control. If there is some customization in the services ordered, the prices may then go up or down.


Experienced and certified professionals are highly trained for power washing commercial and residential settings. Whether it be your home or business, a single or multi-story building, these experts know their work and skillfully deal with the situation before it gets out of control and leads to significant damage.

It helps to maintain a cleaner and healthier environment for inhabitants as well as enhances the beauty of the house. You can select the most effective package that best suits your needs and leave the rest of the work in the hands of the technicians. While you sit back and relax, these expert technicians will employ safe methods and professional equipment to make your house look like new!

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