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Landscape services will give you all the information you need about your lawn, garden, patio, and other landscape needs. They will also provide you with quotes from landscaping companies to help you plan a budget and chose a price competitive service.

Why you need Landscape Services?

Lawn Care-Maintain and Mow a Lawn

You may require a gardener or landscaper for lawn care. This will involve maintaining and moving your lawn. It may be a once of visit for a reason such as staging a home before selling or before a special event. Lawn maintenance and mowing may also be required on a monthly, biweekly, or weekly basis.

Lawn Care- Fertilize or Treat a Lawn

Lawn treatment may involve weed, disease, or insect control. It may also involve a lawn analysis, seeding, and treatment with natural fertilization. You may also require lawn treatment from a landscaper or gardener to perform core aeration or mineral application for you.

Lawn Care- Lawn Seeding

You may wish to seed a new lawn or re-seed an existing lawn for your home or business.

Lawn Care- Fall/Spring Clean Up

A fall or spring cleaning of the lawn by a landscaper will involve clearing away leaves, removing debris, mowing the lawn and re-edging and re-seeding any flower beds. Pruning, trimming, aeration and fertilization may also be a part of lawn spring clean.

Landscape- Minor Grading or Resloping

A landscaper will perform a residential land survey before the drainage is planned before installing any landscaping. The existing drainage may need to be improved. Minor landscaping features may need planning or installation, such as a deck, a pond, or a driveway. A septic tank and leach field may also need to be installed. Before landscaping is begun the site will be surveyed, and plans will be drawn up. A slope or grade will always go down from the foundations of the home to ensure proper drainage. A landscaper may also make suggestions about attaining optimal function and design for your property while taking the homeowner's needs into consideration.

Lawn Care- Aerate a Lawn

Aerating a lawn may involve core aeration or core aeration along with fertilization. Core aeration is performed with the help of a machine whereby a lawn aerator removes clumps of soil and thatch from a lawn. Fertilization is done right after aeration. Core aeration is recommended to reduce soil compaction. It allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to penetrate deep into the soil.

Lawn Care-Dethatching

Dethatching a lawn may involve weed control, leaf removal, general clean up along with lawn aeration, or fertilization.

Outdoor Lighting-Repair

You may require someone to repair all or some of your lights. You may need help with adjusting or repositioning your lawn lights or assessing for moisture intrusion and checking the clock timer or photocells of the lights. Outdoor lights repair will deal with all kinds of lights that are usually installed in the lawn or garden, including inground, bollard, accent, path, and underwater lights.

Water, Junk, Building Materials, and Debris-Remove and Haul.

Removing the yard clippings, tires, concrete, and assorted junk from inside your house, garage, driveway, yard, or lawn and hauling it away for disposal may be part of a post constructive clean-up. It could also be part of a staging effort before selling the property. You may require removal and disposal of waste on a regular basis, such as a month pruning and trimming job. You could also require demolition or removal of concrete, sheds, swing sets, or require some digging in your lawn. You may also require someone to move heavy items into or out of your house, basement, or garage.

Yard Clipping and Waste-Remove

This could be a one-time yard clean up a one-time job such as digging, pruning, or trimming. You may require someone to remove and dispose of yard clippings, brush, pine straw, hay, leaves and branches, plants, or pinecones.

Landscape-Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system ensures consistent lawn hydration while reducing labor. It enhances property value and consumes lesser water as compared to other lawn hydration methods.

Lawn and garden sprinkler systems installation

Installing a sprinkler system involves digging trenches for the pipes. The depth of pipes depends on frost and freezing activity in your area. The pipes are connected to the water mains at one end. Each pipe ends in a sprinkler head, which is on a level with the soil. A clock timer is set up, which will control the timing of sprinkling sessions.

The Lawn and Garden sprinkler system needs to be repaired.

The timer may need adjustment or repair. Any leaking pipes will need to be addressed, and any electrical problems will have to be resolved.

An outdoor cooling mist system installed

This is an effective system that conserves water while cooling down your plants and garden as well as your home. It is made up of pipes or tubing that are connected to the plumbing of the home. The water is delivered through nozzles along with air to form a fine cooling mist.

Outdoor cooling mist system repaired or serviced

An outdoor cooling mist system may requirea repair or to be serviced. Since it is not a complicated system, it is easy and cost-effective to repair. Most of the time a repair will involve finding out any blocked nozzles or pipes or finding any problems with fuses or circuits.

Sprinkler System for Lawn or Garden. Winterize or Activate

A landscaper will also activate a sprinkler system at the beginning of spring/summer. Sprinkler systems are activated after frosty weather has passed. Sprinkler systems are deactivated or winterized it for the winters. Winterizing involves shutting off and draining the system and blowing out the lines with compressed air before sealing the system shut.

Trees and Shrubs-Trim and Remove

Trees and shrubs are routinely trimmed to prune away any dead or diseased branches. These dead or damaged branches attract decay organisms that are harmful to the tree. Branches that are not placed properly are a dead weight or are rubbing against each other, and impeding growth is also removed. Trimming trees rejuvenates and maintains plant and tree life.

Trees and Shrubs-Treat Protect and Maintain

Treatment of trees and shrubs involves applying fertilizer, pesticides, aerating the soil, and regular pruning and trimming of anything that can harm the tree or shrubs.

Trees and Shrubs- Deep Root Fertilization

During this process, a pipe is inserted deep into the soil, and fertilizer is applied with some pressure so that it directly reaches the roots. Deep root fertilization is conducted in spring for trees that need the procedure.

Holiday Lighting Add or Remove

Professional holiday light installation and removal will cost about 4 dollars to 30 dollars per strand.

Tree Stump Remove

A tree stump is removed by digging around the area; once roots are exposed, a saw is used to cut them into pieces and remove the stump. The resulting hole is filled in to complete the job.

Budget required for Landscape Services

The average cost of landscape services, according to Home Advisor members, was 1382 dollars to 5323 dollars for installing landscaping features. Landscape designing will cost 2019 dollars to 6793 dollars.


As you can see, landscaping can be a complicated venture. Landscape services will give you all the information you need as well as related costs in the form of quotes from landscaping companies for any landscape service which you need.

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