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What are Handyman Services?

Handyman services are offered to help individuals get all types of repairs and installation of their household fixtures and appliances. These services provide all the information you need in one place so you can make informed decisions about your handyman project without having to go out and do a lot of research. We also provide different prices for handyman services so you can establish a budget before finding a handyman to complete your required project.

Why you need Handyman Services?

Handyman for small projects

Small projects that a handyman may be required for are minor repairs, installation, assembly, or maintenance of household fixtures or appliances.

Painting staining and drywall

  • Exterior Home or Structure-Paint or Stain: to protect your houses siding, windows, and trim and improve aesthetic appeal by getting the exterior repainted or re-stained every few years.
  • Interior Home or Structure-Paint or Stain: a stain will give a natural rustic look while paint comes in a wide variety of different options and finishes to give your home the look you want while disguising any defects or stains on the walls.
  • Deck staining or Painting; a deck stain will highlight the color of the wood while a paint job will cover the surface with a protective film of paint.
  • Deck, Fence, Patio or Porch- Clean and Seal: A regular clean and seal is required to give the wooden material some protection against moisture. First, the deck is pressure washed, then power washed and then dried thoroughly before sealing.
  • Drywall -Repair: The drywall is repaired by patching up the hole with a self-adhesive mesh patch, which is covered with a joint compound. This is then smoothened over with a drywall knife.
  • Kitchen -Paint: multi-surface kitchen paint means that it is easy to wipe clean splashes and spills and keep the area looking good and bacteria-free.
  • Ceiling-Paint: ceilings can be painted to match the walls while a glossy coat of light-colored paint on the roof can give an illusion of space to a smaller room.
  • Doors-Paint or Stain: doors need to be finished with a protective coat of paint or Stain to guard against moisture.
  • Fireplaces- Paint or Stain; a fireplace may be painted to match it with the rest of the room.
  • Siding, Paneling, or Trimming -Paint or Stain: may be painted or stained to protect the wooden paneling or match it with the color of the walls.


You may need a carpenter to repair damaged, loose or broken doors, windows, cabinets, decks, porch, a disability ramp, or a wooden fence. A carpenter can also help you install or replace a disability ramp, wood or fiber-cement siding.


  • Bath Exhaust Fan Repair: A bath fan that is not ventilating air will need to be repaired.
  • Ceiling Fan repair: An excessively noisy ceiling fan or one with a burnt, our carburetor, which is not operating at its optimal speed, needs to be repaired.
  • Ceiling Fan install: A ceiling fan that is to be relocated or newly installed will need a professional electrician.
  • Electrical Switches, Outlets, and Fixtures - Install or Repair: an installation, repair, or replacement of an outlet or switch because of no power to switch or a tripping or fused circuit.
  • Light Fixture -Install, Replace, or Move an existing fixture: Ceiling fans or chandeliers, recessed, pendant, ceiling, and track lighting could need installation, removal, replacement, or repair.


  • Galvanized Gutters Repair: You will have to repair a gutter that is sagging, leaking, or broken loose due to damage, clogging, or standing water. The slope may need adjustment, or a hole may need to be patched.
  • Gutter Covers and Accessories - Install or Repair: A repair may be needed for a quickly clogging gutter system that rapidly fills up with leaves and debris or where the water won’t drain away or splashes around the house. You may need gutter covers, gutter hangings or straps, a splash block or a wire mesh, to guard against leaves and debris.
  • Gutters and Downspouts - Clean: Regular cleaning is required to make sure that clogging does not occur. Clogged gutters and downspouts can result in the pipes sagging, the seams leaking, and eventually, moisture seeping into the walls and the foundations of the house.
  • PVC Gutters Install: For the repair, replacement, or installation of new PVC gutters. These are plastic gutters that are affordable, strong, and easy to install and replace.
  • PVC Gutters Repair: A gutter may need repair if it is sagging, broken loose, leaking, or has holes in it. An overly dented gutter or one which continuously gets clogged or has rotten gutter material may also need repair. A partially dented gutter that is still functioning well does not need replacement.
  • Wood Gutters Repair: A wood gutter repair is usually a renovation job to maintain integrity in a period home since wood gutters stopped being in common use after the 1960s.

Plumbing and Sprinklers

  • Faucets, Fixtures, and Pipes – Repair or Replace: you may need to repair or replace a faulty plumbing item or install new plumbing. You could also need a handyman to fix a small problem with your plumbing.
  • Lawn and Garden Sprinklers System – Repair: a sprinkler system may need to have its time clock reprogrammed or fixed if the clock is not functioning correctly. One sprinkler head may not be working, or the water is running continuously. The sprinkler heads may also need to be adjusted, reactivated or replaced if broken.
  • Sprinkler System for Lawn and Garden – Winterize or Activate: You may need to winterize blown up sprinklers or activate sprinklers for the summer.

Other Handyman Services

  • Waste, Junk Building Material and Debris, Removal, and Haul: You could need demolition and removal of concrete as well as a one-time yard clean-up or pruning and trimming work in the garden. You could also require a handyman to move heavy items, for digging, removal, or demolition that requires tools, for example, of a shed or playset.
  • Yard Waste and Clippings – Remove: You may need to remove yard clippings, leaves, and branches, plants, hay, straw, or pine cones as part of a yard cleaning job or after pruning and trimming of the landscape.
  • Chain Link Fence -Repair or Alter: Damaged, rusty, loose, sagging, or wobbly fence or gate will need a repair.
  • Child Proofing- Install: Securing doors, drawers, appliances as well as installing corner and edge guards, covering cords and locking toilet lids are just some of the childproofing services you may require if you have a new child or toddler.
  • Disability Retrofit: Gripping, turning, twisting, and bending gets to be a problem as we age. A disability retrofit will involve the installation of railings in places like the toilet to help you up and installing other accessible building features like a disability ramp, non-slip flooring, or a stairlift.
  • Grout: Replace or Repair: the grout between tiles needs to be replaced and repaired every few years so that tiles do not get loose.
  • Holiday Lighting – Add or Remove: you may need to add holiday lighting on the exterior of your home as well as the interior, bushes, and grounds.
  • Home Maintenance Contract or Warranty Program: You may need some items covered under a home maintenance contact such as plumbing, heating, electrical or appliance maintenance.
  • Tile: Ceramic and Porcelain – repair: cracked, chipped, worn, loose, or otherwise damaged or broken tiles can be carefully removed and replaced with matching tiles if a polish or repair job is not sufficient.
  • Water Dock – Repair: install, renovate, expand, or reconfigure a water dock on your property.
  • Weather stripping Install or Replace: save energy and keep costs low on heating and air conditioning by weather stripping windows and doors. Applying weather strips n windows and doors also means securing your home against rainwater seeping in.

Budget required for Handyman Services

The average cost of hiring a handyman is 117 dollars to 647 dollars.


We can conclude that there is a vast number of jobs that handymen do and that instead of doing all that research yourself, it is best to get the help of handyman services. With our help, you will get all the information you need and details of the various costs involved that will help you to make informed decisions about your handyman project.

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