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What are Gutter Services?

Gutter services give you all the information you need to make informed decisions about your gutter replacement, repair, or installation project. Gutters protect your home by draining away rainwater through a downspout away from the structure. This rainwater may otherwise seep into the foundations of your home. This drainage will also decrease problems with humidity, molds, and funguses that thrive in damp. When installing a new gutter system, it is essential to consider effectiveness and maintenance, as well as the price and aesthetics of the installation.

Why you need Gutter Services?

You may need to install a new gutter. A gutter install means planning the installation by measuring the roof edges, identifying locations for downspouts, and marking the gutter's locations. Planning, identifying, and marking is followed by assembling the gutter sections and the downspouts.

You may have one of the following needs regarding your gutter install;

  • Replace existing Gutters
  • Install new gutters where there are none
  • Repair existing Gutters

Your existing gutter could be facing damage and need repair. Gutters are prone to the following common problems;

  • The gutter is sagging or broken. This is often due to the weight of standing water or clogged gutters.
  • The gutter is leaking from seams. This could result because the joints of the gutter have gaps.
  • Gutter is dented. A small dent doesn’t make much of a difference but larger dents that impede the gutters function may mean that the gutter needs replacing.
  • Rotten gutter material may be due to excessive moisture.
  • Water not draining properly due to improper slope.
  • Downspout or gutter is clogged, disconnected or broken.
  • Hole in gutter may be caused by damage or weathering.
  • Add or move downspout

PVC Gutters Install

PVC gutters are affordable to buy and easy to install. They are also long-lasting and durable, making them a good option for homeowners to install as a drainage solution for their homes. They are composed of molded plastic and do not need any painting. The PVC gutters are also mostly impervious to corrosion and tend to attract fewer dents and blemishes on their surface as compared to metallic gutters.

Copper Gutters Install

Copper gutters may be more expensive than the aluminum variety, but they are an investment worth making. This is because copper gutters can last up to 60 years (and even 100 years if they are well maintained), so they are long-lasting. The long-lasting properties of copper gutters are due to copper's ability to resist corrosion. The average cost of installing copper gutters by professionals is 22.22 dollars per square foot. While the price of a DIY install is 17.17 dollars.

Copper Gutter Repair

Repairing copper gutters requires some metalworking and soldering techniques. Caulking is not recommended for copper gutters as it does not expand and contract with the metal. Mending a hole in copper gutters is done by placing a sheet metal or another pipe inside the pipe with a hole. This is then riveted and soldered in place.

Galvanized Gutters Install

These are a cost-effective drainage solution. They are coated with zinc; areas, where the gutters are attached directly, may show rust or corrosion due to disturbing the zinc coating. This is why galvanized gutters should be attached using only the mounted bracket system.

Galvanized Gutters Repair

Galvanized gutters are repaired by applying plastic roofing cement to strips of metal and then applying these to the hole on the inside of the gutter. The edges of the piece of metal are sealed and smoothened by more cement.

Gutters & Downspouts Clean

Roof gutters need to be cleaned periodically to eliminate leaves and other debris that block drainage. Blocked gutters lead to water seeping into the walls and foundations. It is especially important to keep the downspouts and gutters clear during spring and autumn when there is extra foliage to clear out. Gutter and downspout cleaning costs an average of 118 dollars to 225 dollars.

PVC Gutters Repair

Gutters that are continuously clogged by leaves and other debris will seep water into walls and foundations. Gutters can corrode or be damaged over time leading to holes and gaps. Gaps in PVC gutters are repaired by allowing the gutters to dry out. The gutters are then brushed clean. Silicone and special gutter caulking compound are applied to the leaking seams. Small holes may be patched up with roofing cement.

Seamless Metal Gutters Install

Seamless gutters are easier to maintain. Since properly functioning gutters can save your house from water damage, seamless gutters are thought to be worth the investment. Seamless metal gutters are also durable and can last a long time. Seamless gutter drainage systems are usually made of aluminum, although copper can also be used. Aluminum is naturally resistant to rust, and the seamless factor of the gutters means there is less chance of leaks. They are made with a seamless gutter machine. Professional installation is required, which may cost about 4-9 dollars per linear foot.

Seamless Metal Gutters Repair

Seamless gutters may be patched up with a metal patch that is riveted and then soldered on. Caulking is not recommended for metallic gutters as it does not expand and contract with metal during changes in temperature. Badly bent, broken, or damaged gutters may need to be replaced.

Wood Gutters – Install

Wooden gutters were in common use till the 1960s. Since they are in use in older houses, they may need replacing with new wooden installations to maintain the look of the house. Wood gutters are just as effective as any other type of gutter system and maintain the old-fashioned vibe of the place. They do, however, require extensive work in the installation. The outside needs painting while the insides are often finished with shingle oil. These finishing steps are required to avoid rot from setting into the wood. Wood gutters also need proper and regular maintenance to guard against splitting or cracking.

Wood Gutters - Repair

Wood gutters need regular cleaning and washing out. You can check water damage in a wooden gutter by gauging it for softness.

Budget required for gutter services

According to Home Advisor members, the average budget necessary for a gutter install can range from 574 dollars to 1470 dollars. The average cost of gutter repair can range from 173 dollars to 522 dollars, while the average cost of a gutter clean can range from 118 dollars to 225 dollars.


The installation, repair, and replacement of gutters is a complicated process and requires a lot of information. With the help of gutter services, you will get all the details you need to establish a budget and make decisions about your gutter install or repair in a stress-free way

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