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What are Generator Services?

If you need to install a new generator or repair an existing generator, you will probably want to get it done in as stress-free a way as possible. Get the best Generator Installation and Repair Services to obtain all the information you need to make the smartest choices about your generator installation or repair project. We will help you by providing all the details you need as well as a variety of prices for you to compare. This way, you can establish a budget for your project as well as makes informed decisions about getting your generator installed or repaired.

Why you need Generator Services?

Generator Install

If you intend to install a generator, you should first be clear on exactly what kind of generator you need. There are two types of generators, fixed generators, and portable generators. Fixed Generators are installed in one place, such as your home, office, or building, and cannot be moved. Portable generators are often rented out for gatherings, functions, and occasions and can be moved and taken to where they are needed. Prices of portable generators can range from 400 dollars to 2000 dollars.

Generators are connected with your existing circuits with the help of a transfer switch. It is best to install generators that have duel fuel capacity. That is, they can be run either on liquid propane gas or gasoline. Generators should have mechanisms that protect the circuits in the house as well as automatic voltage and overload protection.

Generators are intended to provide either a back-up power supply or they are bought for use as the primary source of power. Before installing a generator, you should also be clear on exactly why you need the generator.

Generators are used to provide power to the following electrical fixtures;

  • Emergency Lighting can be powered by a small generator. This is because each light will usually only take 60-75 watts of power.
  • Refrigerators need a generator of 2200 watts to keep running in an emergency. This is because a refrigerator starts at 2200 watts and runs on 700 watts.
  • Heating and A/C can be powered by a generator having wattage of 3000-6500W. However, if you want to power more than just an A/C or an extensive central air conditioning system, it would be safer to get a bigger 9000W air-cooled generator. If you wish to power an A/C with a generator, you should know that a 3ton central A/C uses about 3500 watts per hour while a window unit used 1200 watts per hour. If an A/C uses 2800-3000 watts to start and 1500-2000 watts to run on, it would be safe to use a 3000w generator to run it on.
  • To power, the entire house in emergency situations with a generator will require a smaller standby generator that can be bought at an average price of about 500 dollars. Emergency standby generators are often powered by a whole house transfer switch.
  • For regular house lighting, a 3000w-6500W generator can power most common household appliances, including light fixtures. If you need a generator to power just the lighting, then you can get a much smaller wattage of the generator.
  • To power with a generator, a water heater can be run on standard home power standby generators of 3000watts to 6500 watts. However, if the home is supplied by a pump, you may need a bigger generator.
  • To power specific outlets with a generator, you need to include the generator and the outlets into the system with the help of a transfer switch. You can choose which circuits get power but never connect a generator directly with an outlet as it will bypass the safety fuses of your electrical system.

Generator Repair

You could face the following problems with your generator

  • General maintenance, inspection, and testing of generators should be carried out regularly and according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When the generator is out of service, care should be taken to provide an alternative emergency source of power. The emergency supply of electricity to fire protection and smoke management systems should also be checked during maintenance. The transfer switch, circuit breakers, and power supply of emergency generators should be checked monthly. While a generator should be tested under a simulated load on a biannual basis.
  • Not enough power emanating from the generator is a common fault. Low power output can happen due to several reasons. One reason is the load put on the generator exceeds its capacity. Mechanical issues such as fuel filters being clogged can also lower voltage output. A defective Automatic Voltage Regulator can decrease power. This device maintains the production of the terminal voltage, and when it is faulty, its terminal voltage drops. Defective diodes on the rotor can also reduce power output.
  • A generator may not start because it is low on fuel. In this case, check the fuel level. A generator may not start up if the choke lever is in the wrong position. Other reasons for the generator to not work are if the fuel valve is clogged, if the carburetor is air locked or if the battery or spark plug needs to be replaced. The low-oil sensor of the generator could also stop working or need to be replaced, resulting in the generator not starting.

Budget required for Generator Services

The budget needed for an average generator varies from 1280 dollars to 6963 dollars. The price will decrease if you are looking for a smaller generator to use only in emergencies to power common household appliances. This price can drop if you want to install a large generator for continuous use that can operate many devices at the same time, including a central air condition and heating system.


As you can see, Generator installation and repair is a complicated project. With the help and guidance of the beast generator installation and repair services, you will get all the details at your fingertips to make informed decisions about your generator installation or repair.

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