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Sure, you've got all the kitchen cabinets, furniture, and wardrobe sorted but there is one important part of the home that can never be ignored; yes, we are talking about the curtains and drapes. If you have an aesthetics life, you would know that drapes and curtains are essential pieces of décor that will complete the room and add the much-needed tones.

Ranging from prints to solid colors, ornamental to light and breezy designs, heavy and opaque fabric to sheer fabric, the options and unlimited. There is a sheer range of fabrics, tracks, and accessories available which means choosing one curtain or drape can be overwhelming. With this article, we are sharing tips that will help choose the right curtains that compliment your home!

There Is A Difference Between Drapes & Curtains

If you have ever set a room, you would know how you didn't know a single difference between curtains, blinds, drapes, and shades; well, we have got you. The prime difference between these names is the amount of sunlight that gets in your room. So, how much sunlight you need in your room is completely up to you, right?

In simpler words, curtains are designed with light fabric materials and have fabric panels; the curtains are hung from the curtain rods. Generally, curtains are utilized for privacy purposes which makes them a suitable choice for the living room. On the contrary, drapes are designed with thick fabric material that has the capacity to block out the sunlight. So, wherever you need complete dark, go for drapes.

Fabric Fusion

While choosing the curtains, you must choose the right fabric because it directly impacts how your curtains look, and how your room looks as a whole. Ranging from light cotton to heavy velvet and brocades with medium weight, there are unlimited options available. While picking the right fabric, you need to keep the following factors in mind, such as;

  • The amount of sunlight that you are comfortable within letting in your room
  • The décor, tone, and mood of your room. This is because if you have a minimalistic room, sheer fabrics will be optimal while traditional room setting goes well with heavy fabrics

Along with these factors, you must keep in mind that the fabric's fall will be different and it greatly depends on the elevation. So, keep in mind that every curtain and fabric will look different when they are drawn back or pleated.

Color Of Curtains Matters

You might not have paid attention to the curtain's color before but you need to keep in mind that the color of the curtains must be in synchronization with the furnishings of your home. For instance, you can opt for the drapes that harmonize with the décor of your room or make a contrast. In case you want to optimize the pleasing outlook, it's best to choose the drapes with hues that complement the shades of the wall.

On the contrary, if you want the curtains to become the center of attention, you need to create a contrast. For this purpose, you will need to choose the color that's in contrast with the wall or furniture color.

Solids Or Prints?

To be precise, there is no precise or clear-cut answer to this because you need to have a look at the décor of your room. For instance, if you have soft furnishing in the room with solid colors, you need to opt for the printed curtains. On the contrary, if the furnishing has a printed design, you can switch to solid colors in the curtains. Keep in mind that printed curtains will add visuals to your room.

So, you must pair printed curtains with solid-hued furniture. In addition, you could add the printed area rugs and cushions. As far as the prints are concerned, you can opt for floral prints if your room setting is traditional and classic. On the contrary, if you have a contemporary and modern space, you can opt for geometric patterns and quirky prints that strike the style.


You might be inspired by Vogue if you think curtains should always fall to the floor. In case you want to create a dramatic outlook in your room, you must choose the curtain length that's longer; we are talking about the drapes puddling on the floor. On the contrary, if you have the little munchkin around, always keep the length above the floor.

In case you have a room with smaller windows, you can end the curtain length at the sill and it looks incredibly classic. However, there is no limitation since you can use the full-length.


The width will always be vague because it depends on the molding of the door or window pane. With this being said, you should opt for width after measuring the frame. Whichever the width is, you can multiply it by 2/2.5. The multiplication will increase the fabric amount which delivers a very gathered appearance when you draw back the curtains.


You might think that a curtain is an accessory itself, but curtains have accessories. This is because there are valances and pull-backs, and curtain tracks with ornamental design. In addition, if you have sheer and light fabrics and want to add richness, you can add the trims. On the contrary, adding pull-backs to the satin and velvet curtains will make them look sleek and chic.

Lined Or Unlined Curtains

If the curtains will receive direct sunlight, adding the protective lining is a fine choice because it promises slow fading, hence the durability. Personally, we suggest adding one opaque and one sheet layer with which users can customize the amount of light and privacy.


For everyone who needs the curtain or drape installation, the price will vary with length, fabric, width, and installation. The window treatment costs will be around $655 on average. However, the drapes and curtains usually cost $2,950.

The Bottom Line

Curtains and drapes can add oomph to your room and elevate the entire outlook of the room. With this article, we tried to round up various tips that will help choose the right curtain for your rooms. However, if you still need help with curtains and drapes, you can fill out the form right here and get a quote from our aesthetical experts!

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