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Facing difficulties with your door? Aren’t sure whether the doors in your home need maintenance, repair or just a slight tune-up? Well, worry no more because we’ve got your back!

Although a door performs the menial task of opening and closing, it has many parts, all of which need to be in perfect working condition for the door to function properly. All doors, whether they are steel Doors, Wooden Doors, Aluminum Doors, Toughened Glass Doors, interior or exterior doors, require maintenance and upkeep from time to time. Be it installing a new door or simply repairing an old one, we have the most skilled craftsmen at your service.

Doors can be classified as either interior or exterior doors:

INTERIOR DOORS (Install/repair)

Interior doors are the most undervalued and rarely considered components of a residential property, but if chosen properly they can add character, flair, and beauty to your home. Our professionals will guide you to choose the best doors for your home while keeping in mind your vision and taste. Every house has several interior doors for privacy, soundproofing, containing noise, keeping certain areas of the house blocked, etc.

Often the first thing to consider when selecting a door is what does it need to do? Are you selecting your door because you want it to perform the desired function or simply for the aesthetics and the beauty that it can add to your residence? The next thing to keep in mind is who will be using the door, is it for kids, older or differently-abled people? If so then does it need any special modifications to fulfill its desired requirements?

The most common and frequently used options for interior doors are:

Flush doors

The simplest and most inexpensive type of doors available in the market. With a flat surface and little to no detailing, these doors look and feel like a single slab of wood. Due to their minimalistic design, you can easily match them to the other doors and décor in your house, you can complete them with a variety of stains as well as paint to make them go with the aesthetics of your house.

Panel doors

These doors are divided into different panels or panes and offer more interest, appeal as well as detail. These panels are raised off of the flat surface and may run either horizontally or vertically. They may be of wood or glass, solid or hollow core, depending on your vision and goals.

Our certified and trained experts can not only install new doors but can also repair or replace any old damaged ones that may be present in your house. There are several reasons why a door may require replacement or slight repair. For example, if your door has become noisy or squeaky overtime, great chances are that the door hinges either need to be lubricated properly or if they are excessively damaged, they need to be replaced to prevent any further hindrance. Sometimes the door hinges become dirty or covered with debris, which causes the door to become sticky; hence proper cleaning of these hinges is also required.  Similarly, if your door doesn’t latch properly, it could be due to misaligned latches and door jambs. Unscrewing the strike plate and then placing it in the correct spot where the door meets the jamb will do the trick, in some cases, the door hardware needs to be replaced. In any condition hiring a professional to come to look at the door is your best option as our factory-trained and certified workers will make sure that the doors are installed or repaired properly to avoid any future hindrance.

EXTERIOR DOORS (Install and repair)

The first thing people notice about your home when they walk up is your exterior door. These doors contribute to the home's appeal as well as energy efficiency in a wide variety of ways. To have well-functioning exterior doors is not a luxury but a necessity as we use these daily and they are our main source of security to keep intruders, animals or any unwanted elements away from our living and storage space.

Different types of materials are recommended for different exterior doors.


An entry door sets the tone of your entire house as this is the first thing guests will usually see when they enter. They are pivotal to a home's curb appeal as well as the security and safety of the residents. They may be made of wood, fiberglass or steel.

  • Wooden doors are installed when our clients desire sturdiness and extra security. These are not only pricey but require constant maintenance and upkeep.
  • Fiberglass doors are becoming increasingly popular as they offer the same durability as wooden doors, but unlike wood, fiberglass doesn't warp, rot or expand. Their foam core insulation keeps heated or cool air from escaping your home, depending upon the season.
  • Steel has the same benefits as fiberglass, but it does an even better job in maximizing security, strength and energy efficiency. Whether it is extreme weather or an unforeseen intruder, a steel door will stand its ground for several years to come. They are available in many different colors and textures.


These doors offer quick access to the patio or the deck. They can be either sliding patio doors or French-style patio doors. Patio doors are available in a wide variety of materials like glass, aluminum, wood, and vinyl. Out of these vinyl tens to be the most durable and energy-efficient to keep your home comfortable no matter the weather.


Although often considered to serve no real purpose, storm doors add another layer of protection and energy efficiency to your already existing doors. Choosing the door’s material depends on various factors like where you live and the kind of performance you're willing to get out of it. They are available in steel, composite/vinyl, and aluminum frames.


Most garage doors are made of steel; these doors too require upkeep as they are used several times in one day. They can be operated manually or with automatic remote control. Automatic garage doors require the installation of several systems as well as photosensors and camera eyes to make sure that the door only opens and closes when needed.

Whether you want new exterior doors to be installed in your residence or simply want to modify or replace any old ones, our professionals will not let you down. Only once when have observed your door and understood your requirements and needs will they make any decision regarding how to proceed. Doors may require repair, if over time, they have become noisy, loud, squeaky, won’t close or open properly, won’t stay latched or are sticky. The minor inconveniences can be easily resolved by replacing the hinges, latch or jambs that may be present on the door.

Perhaps the most costly problem to have with a door is when it starts letting in drafts. Higher energy bills are the main side effect of relying more heavily on a furnace and air conditioner to keep your home at the temperature you want. If simple repairs like weather-stripping and hinge replacement don’t help, then your best option is to replace the door entirely. Another problem to look out for is rust damage. Rust generally starts inside the door, so once it appears on the outside, you know that the core of your door is compromised and needs immediate replacement.

What is the cost/budget for door repair services?

Costs for door services vary depending upon the type and size of the door, as well as its condition. The greater the number of parts to be repaired or replaced, the higher the cost will be. The first step, however, is to allow the professionals to analyze the door and its problems so that they can decide whether certain parts need to be worked on or if the entire door needs to be replaced and re-installed.

Usually, repairs range from $118 - $325 Prices may, however, vary depending upon the materials and labor required. Typical repairs like those of springs, opener, hinges, cables, track, door panel and door locks tend to be cheaper. On the other hand, if the damage is beyond repair, then the doors are replaced. Installation prices can range from $472 - $1,452.


There is a high level of convenience that comes with having an expert examine and repair your door. You can have the problems diagnosed quicker and treated promptly so that you may continue using the door at ease and without any hindrance. Instead of waiting for weeks to obtain the right tools to remedy the issues on your own, you can simply have reliable and trained individuals come and help you out. Plus, your door stays in top-notch condition all year around.

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