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Home might be your paradise but even that paradise will be incomplete without the closet. Be it the walk-in closet or a closet integrated into your bedroom, it must provide the storage space. Ranging from daily clothes to formal wear, jewelry to handbags, cosmetics to bedsheets, and more, everything needs proper storage, and what can be better than a well-integrated closet.

On the contrary, creating the closet will be intimidating, because if not built properly, it will lead to storage issues. The proper closet designing and construction will ensure zero confusion and promise that wardrobes look free of clutters. So, in this article, we are sharing various factors that you must keep in mind while designing the closet for your home sweet home!


Your closet is incomplete without the shelves and one must build in a proper number of shelves because where else are you going to store the folded clothes, my friend? It's best to explore ideas and draw prospective ideas or plan on a piece of paper. Conversely, you will have everything in mind that is crucial for ensuring ample storage in the wardrobe.

In addition to the fixed shelves, it's best to have some adjustable shelves in the closet because it enhances flexibility. With adjustable shelves, the storage design can be adjusted, however, and whatever you need. For people who feel like space is getting wasted, you can create or remove shelves with ease.


With closets, drawers are usually overlooked since they offer huge storage capacity. For instance, the drawers can be used to store the handkerchiefs, undergarments, belts, and socks, so the shelves don't look cluttered or flooded. Imagine not having to search for socks under the bed or in the cushions, so convenient and quick. Moreover, the sleek drawers are great for storing files and documents.

Secret Cabinets

You might not have anything to hide but having one or two secret cabinets won't hurt. For this purpose, add the secret cabinets in the last shelf and will become the go-to cabinet for storing the precious jewelry or your Louis Vuitton heels (we all know how expensive those heels are!). In addition to the secret cabinet, there is always a room for a locker.


If you want the room to look bigger and reduce the cost of an additional dressing table, the mirror is the right choice. Also, do you know you can add a mirror to the wardrobe door? On the contrary, if you don't want to add a mirror to the wardrobe door, use the small space to add a mirror and shelf it at the back of the cosmetic side.


For people who love to travel, we are pretty sure that they have gazillions of suitcases and travel bags. With this being said, you should make the wardrobe at the ceiling's height because it offers more space for storing these bags and suitcases. In addition, the upper cabinets are suitable for storing the stuff that's not used frequently.


Long gone the times when there were only simple doors available because there are multiple door designs that you can opt for. For instance, if your closet is small and you don't think you can open the door, sliding doors are always there. As far as the size of the door is concerned, it depends on the available space. In case you are using the opening doors, add hooks for hanging the stoles and belts.

Swing Door

These doors are great for closet with immense storage and space

Sliding Door

If the space in the closet is too tight, you can opt for the sliding door but get them designed in top-notch hardware for better durability.

Bifold Door

The bifold doors are great for accessing the full-width closet without gobbling up space.

Shoe Space

Sure, you wear the shoes on your feet but that's not the justification for putting them at the bottom, okay? There are various ways of making shoe spaces with convenient and creative storage systems. For instance, you can create mid-height shelves in the middle of the closet, so you can easily see them. There are pull-out as well as simple shelves, but the height should be around 12-inches.

Luxury Additions

Closets aren't only for hanging your clothes because closets can offer much more than that. For instance, you can integrate valet rods for pulling out the selected pieces of clothing. Also, you can curate the custom LED lighting system that mimics the evening or daylight. Personally, we love the addition of LED lighting because it helps look at the clothing and other pieces.

As far as the lighting is concerned, having a window or skylight is the best choice but they will sink the storage. With this being said, you can use fluorescent lighting because it doesn't pose a fire hazard and has bright light.

Vertical Dimensions

One should utilize all the space that they have for the closet, be it down to the floor or up to the ceiling. Ranging from roll-out boxes to higher shelves, the options are unlimited. For the off-season storage, the less accessible cabinets are suitable.


One might think that the closet is all about height but floors cannot be overlooked. This is because that's the place where you stand barefoot every day. In case you live in colder parts, it's best to have a carpet but there will be vacuuming issues. On the contrary, you can also opt for vinyl or wood floors as they look pretty appealing and neat.

Costs Of Building The Closet

On average, the closet building will cost around $2,006 while the typical range stays between $900 to $2,500. On the contrary, the costs will variate with material, style, and size. As far as walk-in closets are concerned, they will be around $750 to $3,500 while the reach-in closets range from $250 to $1,500.

● Usual range: $1,091 to $2,958

● Prices from low-end to high-end: $500 to $5,000

● Average costs: $2,006

The Bottom Line

The closet is essential for every home but ensuring sufficient storage space is important. With the tips mentioned in this article, we are pretty sure that your closet design will be dreamy. In case you want to have your dreamy closet built to perfect, fill out the form from this article to get the price quote!

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