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What is Cleaning Services?

Cleaning services will give you all the information you need to choose the right cleaning professionals, set a budget, and make cleaning decisions for your home or business in an informed way.

Why you need Cleaning Services?

Maid Service

You could need maid service on a recurring basis as well as full time, part-time, as a once-off moving out service or as a post-construction service. You could also require maid services as part of a cleaning emergency to deal with some sudden event.

Spring Cleaning

Do you need a one-time service or a recurring full or part-time deep cleaning help? Or do you require Spring Cleaning as part of a post-construction or moving out cleaning?

Floor Tile and Grout Cleaning

Do you want to keep your kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor tiles clean and well maintained? If so, it is best to get regular floor tile and grout cleaning help. Regular cleaning and maintenance will also extend the life of your tiles.

Walls and Ceilings clean

Walls and ceilings are generally composed of the following materials; painted drywall, stained wood, painted wood, sprayed acoustic ceiling, masonry (brick or stone), and wallpaper.

You could get your walls and ceilings cleaned as part of a general potentially recurring cleaning job or as a one-time pre or post moving or post-construction effort.

You should probably get your walls and ceilings professionally cleaned in case of the following;

  • General dirt, grime, dirt can build up over time and needs timely, regular removal to keep your environment fresh and healthy.
  • Mold, mildew can build up in damp areas. This can aggravate respiratory tract problems as well as be an eyesore in your home. It can also cause an invasive smell to permeate your home so early, and professional removal is a good option.
  • Cooking stains. Cooking stains are an eyesore and reduce the aesthetic appeal of any kitchen. Get them reduced asap to keep your kitchen looking neat.
  • Pet stains, odors. Pets may be adorable, but the mess they make is definitely not. Get help with removing pet stains and offending pet odors from your home.
  • Smoke soot. Soot and smoke can be a problem in a kitchen with a faulty exhaust system or in a room with a fireplace that has faulty ventilation.
  • Splattered food. Splattered food can reduce the aesthetic appeal of any room, get resistant food splatters out with the help of cleaning professionals.
  • Prepare for painting. Walls and ceilings need to be cleaned prior to any painting.
  • General odors. A concentrated cleaning of walls and ceilings will eliminate any emanating odors.
  • Water stains. After you have found and eliminated the reason for the water stains, you will need professional cleaners to take out the water stains from your walls or ceilings.
  • Other

Acoustic ceiling or wall tiles

These can be attached to the ceiling or be placed as a drop ceiling. They are durable insulators and need regular maintenance and cleaning from professional cleaners. Regular cleaning ensures a longer life for your acoustic ceiling as well as less build-up of dust, bacteria, and allergens in your environment.

Central vacuum, install

The cost of this varies from $1200 to $3000, depending on space in your home. It involves installing strategically placed inlet valves in the wall and sometimes floor receptacles. It is a cleaning solution that increases the value of your house while making vacuuming a more efficient and quiet activity. Debris travel from a hose through plastic pipes into a central canister usually placed in a basement or garage. It is easier to fit a central vacuum system in a newly constructed house, but it can be part of a remodeling or upgrade to existing construction.

Central vacuum, repair or service

People could require professional central vacuum repair services and maintenance if their central vacuum unit does not start if there is little or no suction, and if the central vacuum system does not cease operation. A crack or break in the piping also warrants a visit from central vacuum system professionals.

Consultant, professional home and office organizer

If you are overwhelmed by clutter in your own home or have to sort through another’s as a part of elderly or end of life care you should consider consulting with a professional home and office organizer. These professionals will also reorganize your home or place of business to give you a clean, fresh new look.

Ducts and Vents, Clean

It is essential to keep the ducts and vents of a building clean to maintain air quality and keep the air in your building free from dust, bacteria, and other allergens. This provides a safe breathing environment for all the inhabitants of your home or building.

Granite Restoration and Polishing

Granite needs a periodic professional touch up and polishes to maintain it’s shine. Otherwise, years of unabated use result in your expensive tiles giving a dull, stained look despite regular cleaning.

Marble Restoration and Polishing

Marble needs professional polishing to give it back its original shine after years of wear degrade its surface.

Post Construction, Clean up

Post-construction clean up will deal with debris and cement and paint stains that are left behind post-construction.

Range and Hood, Clean

The accumulated grease of years may be difficult to remove, especially from the inside of the hood. Professional cleaners will solve your dilemma and give you a clean and shiny range and hood.

Stone Restoration and Polishing

The stone which has lost its shine and smoothness due to years of wear and tear can be polished back into a pristine state with the help of professional stone polishers.

Budget Required for Cleaning Services

The cost of cleaning services is charged per hour, by square footage, or as a once-off payment for a particular specified job. The average cost of cleaning services may vary from 116 dollars to 235 dollars. Hiring a maid cleaning service may cost you between 50 to 90 dollars per hour.


Cleaning services will give you all the information you need to make informed and smart decisions regarding your cleaning needs. With our help, you can compare and contrast different price quotations and choose the type of cleaning professionals that would be most beneficial in your unique position.

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