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What are Chimney and Fireplace Services?

If you need a new fireplace installed or your chimney capped, or if you need to get your chimney or fireplace inspected or cleaned, it would be best to employ chimney and fireplace services. We provide all the information you need about your chimney cap installation, repair, and replacement. We will also walk you through your fireplace and chimney inspection and cleaning job. With our help, you can make smart, informed decisions about your fireplace or chimney related project.

Why you need Chimney and Fireplace services?

You could need Chimney and Fireplace services if you encounter the following needs;

Chimney Cap, Install or Replace

  • Benefits of Chimney cap: A chimney cap protects your house from moisture from snow or rainfall as well as downdrafts. It also protects your roof from drifting embers or sparks, which could trigger a fire. Chimney caps also provide a barrier to small animals or birds entering your home through the chimney during the summer months when the fireplace is not in use.
  • Types of materials for chimney caps available in the market; Chimney caps are available in a galvanized version, which only lasts for three to five years and then have to be replaced. A stainless-steel version is also available, which can last for a lifetime.

Functional features of chimney caps


This comes with side coverage that stops sparks and embers from causing burns to your roof and stops animals and birds from getting into your chimney. It also increases the draft when it is windy.

Integral damper mechanism

The chimney flue damper allows smoke to escape or air to enter with the adjustment of the damper, which is installed inside the flue.

Band around brick

This type of chimney cap attaches like a band on top of and all around the chimney.


Get your chimney cap according to your specific needs by a custom chimney cap manufacturer.

Draft Increasing

Helps fireplaces that have problems with drafts. Not a good option for open fires as turbines can get clogged with deposits over time, better for stoves attached to fireplaces. Uses the wind to create stronger updrafts.

Single Flue

A single flue chimney cap is a cap stuck to the outside of the flue. It is designed for small square or rectangular chimneys with flue stuck above them.

Top mount

Used if the flue is about an inch above the crown of the chimney. Also, attaches using screws through a flange in the chimney.

Other/needs recommendations

The cost of chimney cap installation by a professional; the cost of a chimney cap is around 45 to 80 dollars while the cost of a professional install is 150 dollars to 200 dollars. Replacing a chimney cap will involve removing the old cap before replacement, so the cost of removal will also be included in the install.

Chimney or fireplace, clean or inspect

You could require Chimney and Fireplace services if you need cleaning or inspection of your fireplace or for the following needs;

Chimney Sweeping

Creosote is a flammable substance that builds up inside chimneys during normal use. It needs to be periodically cleaned out to keep the chimney safe and in optimal working condition. Ash and soot build-up is cleaned away from chimney sweeping professionals. You know your chimney needs sweeping when your fire burns poorly with a strong odor with a build-up of smoke and noticeable soot.


Waterproofing your chimney to avoid chimney leaks involves gauging the number of materials needed, cleaning the chimney thoroughly, performing any repairs, choosing and applying a water repellent, and cleaning up. Waterproofing with a waterproof sealer is a good idea to protect your chimney and fireplace masonry from water damage.

Chimney Inspection

A basic inspection will involve a visual evaluation where the chimney professional will look for creosote, soot obstructions, and any damage. More detailed investigations involve the use of specialized tools and equipment. A level one chimney inspection for general safety and basic sweep can cost from 125 to 250 dollars.

Install Chimney Cap

Chimney caps can be installed according to your preferences, while a more unusual design of chimney will require a custom-designed and built chimney cap.

Fireplaces need to be regularly cleaned for optimum function. Fireplaces consist of the following types;

Traditional Masonry Fireplace (brick or stone)

Part of the structural design and usually a part of the original construction made of bricks, stone, and mortar.

Pellet Stove

An efficient, relatively clean way to heat your home. Pellet stoves can be used without an inbuilt chimney, but they do require specific ventilation.

Prefabricated Fireplace

Manufactured and assembled in a factory before being transported for installation in a home, they work out to be cheaper than traditional brick and mortar fireplaces.

Wood Stove

Wood stoves provide a high quality of radiant heat. The cost of a wood stove is pretty expensive and includes the cost of stovepipe and labor costs.

Gas Fireplace Insert

Easy to install in existing masonry fireplaces and is a good heating option while keeping the ambiance provided by using the fireplace.

Budget Required for Chimney and fireplace services

General maintenance and repair of chimneys and fireplaces can cost, on average, from 150 dollars to 750 dollars. Chimney sweeping costs, on average, 230 dollars while the cost could be more if there are dead or alive animals in your chimney. Wood, masonry, and pellet stove fireplaces cost 2000 dollars on average with the cost varying according to features chosen. The cost of installing a chimney liner starts from 600 dollars.


When you need professional installation for your fireplace or your chimney cap or an inspection, replacement, cleaning, or repairs for your chimney and fireplace, fireplace, and chimney services will provide all the information you need to make smart, informed decisions. We will also provide varying price quotations for you to compare so you can establish a realistic budget before beginning your project.

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