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What are Carpet Cleaning Services?

Carpets can get stained, soiled, discolored or just plain dirty, especially with prolonged use and in high traffic or much-used areas. To keep your carpet clean and maintained, it is so important to get regular, preferably at least yearly, carpet cleaning done. This is because a dirty carpet can harbor bacteria, allergy-causing dust, mites, mold, mildew, and other unwelcome microorganisms. With the help of commercial carpet cleaning services, you can be fully informed of the type of cleaning service you require as well as the average associated costs of getting your cleaning job done in an efficient way.

Why you need Carpet Cleaning Services

You could need carpet cleaning services if you have a cleaning emergency such as paint or food spill, or a pet soiling your carpet. You can get your carpet only partially cleaned or fully cleaned with the option to remove your furniture out of the way on your own or with the help of the carpet cleaning professionals you choose to employ.

Carpet cleaning service not only covers single service, but it also has some subcategories which you might not know. Let us introduce these today. Carpet cleaning services provide the following most common carpet cleaning options. The features, pros, cons, and cost of each service depends on your company or household requirement.

Steam Cleaning

This is the most effective carpet cleaning method and cleans out about 97 percent of all dirt while eliminating any bacteria or microorganisms in the carpet. Steam cleaning is done with the help of a carpet steam cleaner. This is a deep cleaning method and provides maximum extraction of dirt, bacteria, and debris from the deep fibers of the carpet. Many carpet manufacturers recommend this method. It is suggested that you use steam carpet cleaning as a once-yearly carpet cleaning method. It extends the life of your carpet and keeps your environment free from dirt and germs.

The average price of steam cleaning is about 175 dollars. Steam cleaning is one of the more expensive carpet cleaning methods but shows great results. The price of steam cleaning by local carpet cleaners varies between 100 dollars to 200 dollars for up to 1000 square feet of space.

Dry Foam Cleaning

This is a low moisture cleaning method, so your carpet doesn’t take a long time to dry. A dry foam machine exerts air pressure along with a very small mixture of mechanically applied water and shampoo to clean out the carpet. The national average cost of dry foam cleaning is on the lower end of the scale at 50 dollars.

Carbonated Cleaning

Known as the hot carbonating extraction process. This is a chemical carpet cleaning method by which the fibers of the carpet are deeply penetrated by the cleaning agent.  This dissolves dirt deep in the fibers and propels it to the top layers for ease of extraction. This is a drier carpet cleaning method than steam cleaning while also providing a relatively deep clean. For a home size of 1800-3000 square feet, this method of carpet cleaning costs between 300 to 600 dollars. Since this is a newer innovation in carpet cleaning, it is slightly pricier, but it provides a deep clean while conserving water.

Low Moisture cleaning

Known as encapsulation carpet cleaning. By this method encapsulating chemical is applied to the carpet using a rotary machine system. It doesn’t provide a very deep clean, but it is a quick low moisture method that means that your carpet can be used immediately after cleaning. It has an average cost of between 75 to 350 dollars depending on your surface area.

Shampoo cleaning

This is how carpets have traditionally been cleaned. It requires a lot of water and time to dry, even if most of the moisture is vacuumed away at the end of the carpet shampooing process. It provides a deep clean of the carpet.  The cost of shampooing your carpet is relatively affordable at currently around 0.25 dollars per square foot.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning Services

Get your carpet regularly cleaned to glean the following benefits;

  • Top-notch carpet cleaning will increase the life span of your carpet by keeping it in optimal fresh, clean condition.
  • Eliminate dust, dirt, allergens, mold, mildew, and other bacteria by getting your carpet regularly cleaned. This means that your home or business environment remains healthy and the source of a lot of respiratory problems are eliminated.
  • Keep carpet free from stains and marks to keep your space looking at its aesthetic best.
  • No residue is left behind by professional carpet cleaning.
  • Get your carpet back in use fast by employing professional carpet cleaning services. As they use mostly dry or low moisture cleaning methods while vacuuming excess water away even with high water cleaning methods such as shampooing.

Budget required for Carpet Cleaning Services

The average budget of carpet cleaning services, according to Home Advisor members is 121 dollars to 233 dollars. This cost is subject to changes depending on the type of carpet cleaning method you choose as well as the size of your carpet that needs cleaning. The budget required will increase if a larger carpet needs removal, cleaning, and reinstallation. The cost of carpet cleaning onsite is marginally lower, but then you have to be careful until it dries and is functional again. Though we have mentioned the average price, but most of the times the cost may also varies depending on the customer’s requirements and needs.


With the help of carpet cleaning services, you will get the information you need to make smart, informed decisions about your carpet cleaning projects. With our help, you won’t have to waste time researching the myriad options and available cleaning methods. We will guide you and give you price quotations to compare so you can choose the local carpet cleaning service that matches your carpet cleaning needs. So, make stress free decisions without any hassle or strain on your part by employing carpet cleaning services today.

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