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Installing blinds or shades are a good alternative to traditional window dressings such as curtains. They are especially good for asthmatic or allergy prone people who cannot stand dusty environments.

Blinds and shades are much easier to clean and tend to retain a lot less dust than cloth curtains. They are also light in weight compared to traditional heavy cloth curtains. Blinds and shades can be found in as many different designs, sizes and colours as you could need. With blinds or shades, you can opt for getting a custom created design made which you have chosen or commissioned.

What are Blind and Shade Services?

With blind and shades services you will get all the information you need about the installation, repair or replacement of blinds and shades. Blinds and shades services will walk you through your choices in choosing blinds and shades. When you have narrowed down the exact design and materials you need to get your blind and shades project done, then blind and shade services will give you price estimates based on your project.

Functional features of Blind and Shade Services

These are the kinds of blinds and shades available in the market for you to choose from.

  • Pleated shade. These are composed of one layer and do not have slats.
  • Cellular shade (double cell). Also known as honeycomb cellular shades. They are composed of two or more insulating layers.
  • Wood blinds. A classy blind option, also known as bamboo blinds, can be rotated in unison by manipulating the cords.
  • Woven wood shades (not available with remote). A stylish and natural option. Offers some permeability to light while being available in a number of grasses, bamboo and flax options.
  • Roman shades/ fabric shades. Beautiful options for a formal space. Roman shades are fabric draperies that can be made of variety of materials that are stiffened and draped.
  • Roller shades (not available with remote). Mechanical mechanism involving a hollow tube around which shades roll because of tension created in spring within tube.
  • Metal horizontal blinds, 5/8 1 or 2” width. Venetian blinds using metal slats.
  • Vinyl horizontal blinds. A softer look then metal.
  • Vertical blinds. These run along a track at the top of blinds.
  • Faux wood blinds. A more affordable version if you want a wood effect for your windows.

Conversely, you could be unsure of the blinds or shades that would be best for your space. You could need help making a decision in terms of design considerations, durability, health and privacy concerns and also according to your budget and within your time constraints. In that case blind and shades services will help you to make a decision that ensures that your needs are met.

You could get Blinds or Shades for the following needs or with the following features.

  • Top down, button up shades. These are shades that give extra privacy as well as affording maximum light when the shades are lowered from the top down. They also provide as much view as you need when the shades are opened from the bottom up. The can be motorized and can be operated by a remote control.
  • Remote control/optional wall mounted electric eye. Automated motorized window treatments are always worth the extra price because they make your life so much easier.
  • Extension brackets. These hold the rolled blinds in place so that they do not bounce around.
  • Two blinds on one head rail. This is the treatment of choice for larger windows where two blinds are hung on one window. It gives a seamless impression and mean that your window blinds are easier to lower or roll up while also giving a more uncluttered window image.
  • Valance, vertical blinds. A valance can be paired with vertical blinds or curtains to hide the window hardware. Valances also give a more traditional, formal feel to your room.
  • Room darkening. Room darkening versions are available in nearly every kind of blind and shades and add to your comfort levels perceptibly. With room darkening shades you can sleep in, comfortably, and keep the glaring sunlight out during the height of summer.
  • Privacy, sheer. You can opt for sheer blinds and shades or more opaque versions depending on your needs.

Benefits of using Blind and Shade Services

By using blinds and shades services, you save yourself from a lot of tension and work. Blinds and shades services providers will give you all the information you need to make hassle free decisions about the choices you have regarding blinds and shades.

Blind and shades services will give you a variety of price quotes to compare and choose from according to your budget. We will help you to narrow down the exact type of blinds or shades service you need. By using blind and shades services you get a stress-free way to know everything about how to repair, renovate or otherwise spruce up your space without having go take valuable time out of your life to research and investigate all the materials and associated costs of blinds or shades installation.

Budget required for Blind and Shade Services

According to Home Advisor members the average cost of installation of blinds or shades can range from two hundred and fourteen dollars to one thousand two hundred and six dollars. The average cost per window for basic blind and shades installation is 150 dollars to 200 dollars.

Blinds are considered a cheaper option and usually consist of slats of metal, vinyl, aluminium or wood. The installation costs are quite high though. Shades with motor lifts, especially wooden shades or painted woven shades give a warm, inviting and high-end look, but they are significantly pricier than basic roller shades.

The cost of installation of blinds and shades depends on the following factors.

  • Cost of materials. This includes the cost of your blinds or your shades.
  • Cost of labour. This is the cost of labor required for the installation. Most blinds and shades contractors charge by the hour.


Blinds and shades services provide you with every bit of information you need to get high quality, durable and hassle-free work done for your home. Get blind and shades services if you want all the stress associated with getting work done in the home to just melt away. Get blinds and shades services today to get detailed information about the blinds and shades available in the market, the associated costs of materials, design and installation or repair as well as the kind of service providers you will need to get you job done.

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