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What are Bathroom Remodeling Services?

To renovate your outdated or badly decrepit bathroom, or to build a new bathroom from scratch, it is best to use bathroom remodeling services. Bathroom remodeling services will give you all the details you need to know, as well give you information about the bathroom renovation contractors you need for your project. Consider using bathroom remodeling services if you face the following needs.

  • Changing the entire floorplan of a bathroom. This can be used to make your bathroom larger or fix up an older bathroom. In the case of a bathroom suffering from faulty plumbing or wiring, one way to solve the problem would be to get a whole new floorplan. This is nearly the same as building a new bathroom from scratch. It will include the combined work of architect, designer, plumber, electrician and carpenter to put the new bathroom together. With about 50 percent of the cost being allocated to labor, the remaining 50 percent will be used for the materials and fixtures used. For building a brand-new bathroom get Bathroom Remodeling Services to get easy to understand detailed information about every aspect of the job.
  • Maintaining the existing floor plan as it is while changing all the fixtures. This will spruce up an older bathroom while working out cheaper then changing the whole floorplan, as existing plumbing and electrical wiring can be used. The price of new fixtures and fittings as well as the cost of taking down the old fittings has to be taken into account.  Get Bathroom Remodeling Services to make the removal of existing features and installation of new ones a hassle-free job.
  • Installing a new bath. Installing a new bath can add an element of luxury to your bathroom. This involves taking down the old fixtures, updating the plumbing and electrical work and then installing new fixtures. It can be a labor-intensive job for a team of carpenters and plumbers. To make sure you project gets done without a hitch get Bathroom Remodeling Services when you need to remove or replace a new bath.
  • Installing a new shower. Choose from something luxurious and pampering or a practical small shower that is easy to maintain. This will involve installation and plumbing work.
  • Moving the toilet. This will involve extensive plumbing work and the work of laborers to take down existing fittings.  Get Bathroom Remodeling Services to make your shower removal, replacement, repair and installation a smooth stress-free job.
  • Installing a new toilet. It’s smart to opt for water conserving new models while keeping an eye on comfortability levels when installing a new toilet. Price will depend on the kind of toilet you opt for with options including simple, conventional models or higher tech and luxurious toilets.
  • Updating the cabinets or vanity. The cost of updating the cabinets depends on whether you opt for fully custom-built cabinets or stock cabinets.
  • Updating countertops. The cost of this depends on the quality of materials used as well as the cost of labor.
  • Updating sinks. With price varying between 150-300 dollars for the labor, updating a sink can be a remodeling decision for aesthetic purposes or one made out of necessity to replace a broken or leaky sink.
  • Updating flooring. This will include waterproofing, checking for leaks or cracks and then flooring with the materials of your choice.

Why you need Bathroom Remodeling Services?

With so much work that needs doing and the potential for a smelly disaster, mildew, mold or mini floods if things go wrong it is best to have all the information you need beforehand as well as get your work done by experienced and skilled workers who use the highest quality tools and materials for your job.

Instead of being lost in a forest of carpenters, plumbers, electricians, suppliers and transporters it is best to first get bathroom remodeling services to do the leg work for you. Bathroom remodeling services will give you details such as price estimates according to the size of your space, the materials you have the option to use, the design you have in mind or have gotten from an interior designer or architect and the amount of work you want to get done.

Average cost of Bathroom Renovation

The average cost of a bathroom remodel according to home advisor members was 5966-14896 dollars. The price of renovating a small bathroom can be as low as one thousand five hundred dollars due to smaller space while the average remodeling cost of a master bathroom was eighteen thousand dollars.

  • Labor cost. The price of labor for refitting a bathroom is about 65 dollars per hour and consists of about 50 percent of the cost of a bathroom renovation.
  • Interior design and architect cost. This could be as low as 50-100 dollars for a bathroom design or quite high, as much as 1000-2000 dollars if the services of an architect are taken into account.
  • Electrical wiring. This could cost 500-2500 depending on how much work you need done.
  • Plumbing. If it’s a new bathroom, existing plumbing could be used after being waterproofed for leaks or cracks. Relocating plumbing fixtures or building a new bathroom will be more expensive.
  • Drywall. Its better to get new dry wall for your bathroom refit. It costs 1000-2500 dollars on average.
  • Framing. This depends on your existing structure and if you are building a bathroom from scratch or refitting an existing bathroom.
  • Cost of fixtures. A new toilet, toilet seat, sink, mirror, shelves, towel bars, hooks, bath tub or shower with the piping and shower heads.
  • Carpentry costs. This varies on how much framing, cabinets or other work you want to get done in your new bathroom.


We can thus conclude that bathroom remodeling services are the safe option for the conscientious home or business owner. Whatever your bathroom remodeling needs are, fill out our easy and quick forms to become clear on your needs, we will give you a variety of price quotations as well as walk you through all the details you need to consider before beginning your bathroom renovation project. Get bathroom remodeling services to rid yourself of the stress associated with a complicated multi-faceted project like bathroom renovation.

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