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What are Asphalt and Driveway Services?

Whatever your asphalt or driveway needs are, whether you need your driveway paved or repaired as well as any other related issues, with Asphalt and Driveway Services you will get all the information you need to make informed and smart choices. Get Asphalt and Driveway services today to make your installation, repair, removal or resurfacing of your driveway as hassle and stress free as possible.

Get Asphalt or Driveway services if you have issues like potholes, cracks, crumbling or weathering on your asphalt. You will also need asphalt and driveway services for special landscaping projects and for putting in lines, markings or special colorings on your driveway, road or game court.

Asphalt and Driveway services are needed for the following areas;

  • Patio. Having a patio is like having a room open to the sky, a beautiful space that adds value to your house as well as your quality of life. Whether you need a new patio installed or repair, resurfacing or removal of an existing patio get Asphalt and Driveway services for convenient, local information about your project.
  • Parking lot. These need to be maintained and free from potholes and cracks while having the appropriate lines painted on to indicate direction and parking spaces. These repair projects need to be conducted in a durable and cost-effective way. Make difficult decisions easy by getting all the up to date information about your project from Asphalt and Driveway Services.
  • Driveway paving, asphalt driveway repair. For driveways get information regarding designing, materials such as cobblestones, paving, asphalt or concrete, coloring, as well as the kind of contractors that would be suitable for your job.
  • Sidewalk. Sidewalks need periodic repair to fill up potholes and cracks as well as more extensive repair or replacement work for badly weathered or crumbling sidewalks.
  • Game court. These need to be in excellent condition to prevent sports injury. They should also be chosen of appropriate materials that are durable, with good drainage and they should be able to stand the test of different weather conditions. For all your game court installation, repair and replacement needs, get the services of Asphalt and Driveway Services.
  • Road. For Installation, removal, repair or resurfacing of roads get Asphalt and Driveway Services. Roads need to be well-drained, durable and affordable, as well as periodic repairs for weathering and potholes.

The materials used in these areas include concrete, asphalt or heated blacktop, paving stones, gravel, brick or cobblestone pavers. For these areas, the different projects could include.

  • Installation. Something brand new as part of a landscaping or construction project.
  • Removal and Replacement. A removal followed by a replacement to renovate the existing design. This means all the existing materials will be broken up and taken away and all new layers will be installed. This is usually part of a major design rehaul, renovation or when the existing structure is badly damaged or weathered.
  • Resurfacing. A resurfacing which involves scraping of the upper layer and installing a new layer for renovation purposes. This is cheaper than removal and replacement and will spruce up the place without costing the earth. You won’t get a new design or look with this option, but the existing design becomes durable, clean and new again.
  • Repair. This involves filling in some potholes or some cracks in the driveway or the pavement to prevent slips and injury as well as make the area more aesthetically pleasing.

Why you should get Asphalt and Services?

From the expected cost to the quality and kind of materials used, to the kind of skilled contractors that are needed for the job, by employing the services of Asphalt and Driveway Services you will be armed with all the knowledge you need to begin this project in an informed way.

To save yourself from a lot of initial work and stress, it is best to get Asphalt and Driveway Services to lessen your burden and make your project manageable. Get Asphalt and Driveway Services to get detailed information explaining every aspect of your project in a simple, easy to understand way.

Budget for Asphalt and Driveway Services

The average cost of Asphalt and Driveway work is two thousand three hundred and five dollars to six thousand one hundred and ninety-six dollars, according to home advisor members. This price varies greatly according to the size of the project with smaller repair projects costing much less.

New installations will cost less than the ones that require breaking down older damaged driveways or patios and transporting them away. This cost of removal and replacement will then have to be factored into your price estimates.

Some asphalt contractors for larger projects such as roads, may charge by the ton with the cost being 100-150 dollars per ton. For smaller surfaces such as a driveway, you will probably be charged by the square foot of area. For a paved driveway, this charge will include labor, materials and other installation charges.

The factors that affect your budget are as follows:

  • Size. The size of the area to be covered directly correlates with the cost incurred. Many contractors will charge you per square foot for your asphalt or driveway needs.
  • Shape. Circular, half circles or horseshoe shapes as well as other asymmetrical designs increase surface area and thus the cost of materials and labor cost.
  • Materials used. Paving, gravel, asphalt, concrete, cobblestones, granite tiles or terracotta, there are a lot of options for the driveway, patio or pavement with widely varying prices.
  • Terrain, slopes or dips mean drainage work, labor, surface area and hence the overall cost will all increase.
  • Design. More complicated designs involving more labor-intensive materials such as small cobblestones will cost more to install then easier concrete installations.


With this, you can clearly see that Asphalt and Driveway services can take a load off your mind. If you have to install, repair, remove, renovate or resurface your driveway, patio, sidewalk, game court or road, get Asphalt and Driveway services to lessen your stress and your workload.  Get Asphalt and driveway services today to start your project in a stress-free way.

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